Sharing Personal Information on the Internet

My life is filled with wonderful, joyous, adventurous love. But, why in the world would I share that with you? Unless you are my lover�

I would share with the general and anonymous ‘you’ because I want you to know that I am a woman with dreams and hopes, and with aspirations, just like you. So, really, sharing personal details of my lifestyle and lovestyle isn’t all that odd. Nope, in fact, call it venting if you like, I don’t care. If I can write about our Dominant and submissive lifestyle, and make just one person feel not quite so alone, I am happy. If I can give just one person safety information about canes, or violet wands, or TENS unit play, again, I am happy.

My husband happens to also be my Master. I, along with being his wife and life partner, am his submissive and slaveâÂ?¦consensual slave. Does the picture ‘doormat’ come into your mind? Well, that isn’t who I am. As his partner, I am equally responsible to work toward making our life good. Doormats don’t do that.

If, by sharing personal information, I can let just one person know that they are not alone, life is good!

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