Options After High School

Awww…the high school years, we all cherish them. We got into school drama, activities and education. But what happens after high school? Where do we go from here? Do you work or do you go back to school and enjoy college to your fullest? Alot of people will tell you college is the way to go but there are many other options you could choose from. Just choose the best for you.


In the military you can be all you can be. There are many vast things you could choose from. You could also get your degree in any field while serve your country. But why would you want to serve your country? Is it because you’re patrotic? Of course not, it’s because you could travel the world for pratically free and get paid on top of that. After that boot camp you will be raining in with the money, but probably won’t have the time to spend it. They most likely will always keep you busy until you decide to retire. When you finally retire by then you’ll have your home and you will be receiving your retirement checks from the military. Everyone one also loves a “man in uniform” so most likely you’ll be able to find a job quickly when you get out.


The college years we all see it on tv but it’s not all fun and games especially the price. Good thing for scholarships, finical aid, and loans. Each of these will assist throught out your college years. Depending on your major you might take some ridiclous course but in the end I guess they’ll be worth it. College is one of the most expensives years of your life and if you want to play around a while longer I advise you don’t go there yet. Literally, money is time there and it’ll be your money and your time being wasted. While majoring in your field some college may offer part-time job or intership in the field that you represent. Take advantage of that. If you need to take out a loan think about it first don’t just take out any loan. Loans will have to be paid during or after college so choose wisely. Other than that college is another option you may consider.


Going directly too work right after school is not necessarily a bad thing now. Hopefully you been working there since your high school years just shifting yoursef to a full-time position if not it’ll be very hard and rare to really find a job with at least a college certificate. Holding down a job is important because senority rules. Wen you have senority, for most jobs it’s hard to get rid pf you unless your work is that poor. Find a job that right to your liking and stick with it. It may be hard at first but stick with it. You might think you could land a better job but if you have the credential to do it, go for it ! Just make sure you have the other job in the bag before quitting. No one likes being unemployed!!!

Whatever option you may choose, choose wisely. Don’t get force into any decision by your friends or parents. You are young adults now choose for yourself. Show the world you have responsibilty. Don’t just sit home and become part of the couch. Make something of your lives. You can do it. The future is counting on you.

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