Shockley Shocked by Price of Loyalty Entering the NFL Draft

DJ Shockley, the starting quarterback for the University of Georgia Bulldogs during the ’05-’06 season, may be facing the consequences for a decision that was made years ago. Only starting his senior year, Shockley had always ridden the sidelines as David Greene went on to become a record-setter for UGA’s program. Understanding this, when faced with the decision to transfer to another school where he might see more playing time, Shockley decided to stick with UGA. His loyalty may have earned him a huge fanbase, but the now graduated athlete may be looking at a long road to garnering an NFL following.

A dedicated and excellent athlete in all fields, Shockley had just as much, if not more talent, than the great Herschel Walker. Even though the Bulldog’s did not see a chance to play for the National Championship this previous season, Shockley displayed and excelled in many attributes that are sought after in the quarterback position. He had great velocity and accuracy in the pass game, and looked like a younger Michael Vick when it came time to tuck it in and run. However, due to the fact that he did not get an opportunity to be a starter until his senior year, Shockley has not been treated well be the NFL Draft. Where multi-season starters such as USC’s Matt Leinhart and the Texas Longhorn’s Vince Young have been rated among America’s finest when it comes to the polls, Shockley is still lost somewhere in the shadows, reminiscient of his college career up to his senior year.

This comes as no surprise to many sports analysts, who believe that the financial consequences of Shockley’s decision to stay at UGA can only get worse from here. The reality of the matter is that Shockley’s decision to choose loyalty over recognition may have ended up costing him hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in his NFL career. With that as an overtone to his upcoming debut as an NFL player, Shockley, once again, must prove himself to the world.

Even with all of this baring down on the young athlete, all is not lost. As long as DJ keeps his head straight during the draft and doesn’t jump at the first contract put in front of him, he should come out better off in the end. As long as he signs to a short contract, his athleticism may boost his ratings where his recognition failed to.

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