Shopping for Christmas/Holiday Gifts in Anaheim


Michaels is the retailer for arts and crafts. They have many branches in southern california. They have wonderful promotions
for the coming holidays. They used to sell all types of holiday crafts, christmas gifts, arts, painting supplies and
decorative arts. In Anaheim, the michaels was located infront of Beuna Park mall, beside Kohls, circuit city and office
depot. They will be open on extended hours in holidays and weekends from 8 – 9pm.

Michaels have almost everything on sale from 30 to 80 % off. The greatest thing is they will give you additional 40 %
off on any single item. They have attractive christmas trees in different sizes decorated with electric bulbs and gifts. They
have awsome gift packages and wraps which we don’t find any where. Michaels have different kinds of candles for all types of

Michaels has professional in custom frame design and crafting. They have many types of framing material on sale for
custom designing arts, photos and certificates. Michaels havs very good discounts on framing supplies. They have diffrent
threading items for holiday designs. Michaels has vareity of material for cooking and supplies including approns, cook books,
utensils, cake decorating items for Christmas and flavouring needs. They have varaities of electric items for the holidays
including deeres, snow flakes and neon lamps and stars. They have attractive things for kids including kjids learning kits,
paiting kits and needs and gifts. If you are looking for seanories and paintings, wonderfull pictures, Micheals is the best

Not only the retailing, but Michaels conduct training in arts and crafts and desigining every weekend. Their training
programs are really helpfull for a novice designer or any body who wants to learn arts, crafts and holiday designing. I am
sure that they will conduct this in every location but in Anaheim they have very good training programs. We have to register
in advance for these training sessions.

The other best shop for holiday shopping in Anaheim is Anna’s Linens. They have very good discounts going on for the
best material. They used to have all types of Christmas gifts and decorating material. Their flier is always attractive with
cheap pricing and colorful material. Their material is comparable with the best material in the world. They have different
types of comforters, bath and bed material and candles and holiday material. They are located in Anaheim near Beach and
Lincoln, just beside food for less and they will open late hours. Anna’s linens used to advertise in their flier 50 % off of
any item. That may be depend on the location.

The other best shopping store for holidays is crystal gallery in Buena Park. This is located just infront of Knotts
berry farm. They have thousands of crystal gifts staring from a bug to thousands. They have very attractive prices marked on
them and they used to give good discounts. This is one of the occasional shops near and in Anaheim. They are open until 8 pm every day. Most of the visitors to Knotts Berry Farm used to visit this unique store for gifts and crystal items.

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