Should You Try to Get Your Problem Solved on The Dr. Phil Show?

Just about everyone loves to watch the very popular Dr. Phil, but do you really believe that he can help solve your problem? Well the one thing that he has never claimed that he was able to do is solve anyone’s problem completely, but he does try his best to help you. Even if he is unable to personally help you he is willing to get you the help and support that you need. There is only one thing that he asks of those who want his help. What is that? You have to be willing to make the necessary changes. That really is not asking too much, don’t you think.

But what if you have a family problem or some other type of problem that has been bothering you for some time and you are not sure about putting it on national television. Well when contemplating this there are several things that you will need to take into consideration. First of all you have to decide if there is another way for you to get the help that is not so public. Or you could try writing to the Dr. Phil show to see if he would be willing to help you behind the scenes.

I am pretty sure that in order for him to do this your problem really has to be something major. More than likely the staff will probably try to talk you into airing your business on the show. But if you really take the time to think about it appearing on the show would be very courage’s on your part. It could be interpreted as the first step to get the help you need. It may even already be one of the upcoming topics that they are currently looking for.

To find out if it is take a look at the website at, and click on be on the show. You will then see a very long list of topics. Take a look and see if any of those topics pertain to your current situation. If it does then you should first really take the time to think thoroughly too whether or not you want America to hear about your problem.

Keep in mind that this will include your family, friends, and co-workers. After the show is aired everyone will know all about you and the issues that you are currently dealing with. You will have to prepare yourself for the backlash that will come with this. If everyone was not giving you their opinion before they will be now. But you are the one who has to decide what is better for you and your family.

If you truly feel that it is the only way for you to get the help you need then you should go ahead and submit the form to be on the show. If you are chosen to be on the show it may be a good idea to let your family know about what is going on. This way they will not be completely shocked and caught off guard. Just remember that this is your problem, and the Dr. Phil show is more than just a talk show; it really is a good way for people to get the help that they need.

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