Shower Gift Ideas for the Second-time Mom

Shopping for the first-time mom is easy. She needs everything. Crib, cradle, car seat, clothes. But what do you get for the second, or third, time mom? Chances are, even if she has broken down the larger, bulkier objects and stored them away, she already has a crib, cradle, changing table, swing, all of the “standard” large shower gifts (gifts that are often paid for, in part, by the majority of the shower guests). If she is having the same sex baby the second time around, she will have clothes. To follow are a few ideas for what to give Mommy for her second baby baby shower.

“Big Kid” furniture

Depending on how old the first child is (this idea works on the assumption that the first child is still sleeping in the crib which will now be needed for the new baby), new “Big Kid” furniture is something that the second-time mom (parents) will have to think about, on top of their forthcoming infant. The first child will need several things as he gets older and his mother would most likely appreciate getting, at least, some of those things for free. Some things that qualify as “Big Kid” furniture might include a bed, a larger car seat, a booster-seat so that he can sit up to the table. Multi-child strollers come in a variety of styles including ones with an infant-sized seat and a toddler-sized seat built into the same stroller. Remember, the objective of a shower is to relieve some of Mommy’s shopping stresses. Buying things she can use for her first born so that she can pass the old things down is a terrific way to do this.

Hygiene products

Chances are Mom has lost all of the baby hygiene tools, the soft brush, the tiny clippers, since she needed them the first go-round. Besides, even if she hasn’t, each year, or possibly as often as each season, newer products are introduced. Products that are safer for baby, products that are easier to use. A hygiene kit, which can be found in the baby department of any retail store, is a practical, useful, and affordable gift for the second-time mom.

Diapers also fit into this category. Moms, especially experienced moms, appreciate all the free diapers they can get their hands on. While one package of diapers is a relatively inexpensive purchase, keep in mind, one of those might last a week. Also, if the older child is still in diapers or if she is potty training, diapers in her size, or training pants, will be a welcomed relief.

Cloth items

This is a separate category from clothing. Bibs, washcloths, blankets, these are cloth items a mom can never have too many of and which wear out from use faster than anything else. Buying these in bulk helps even more. Needless to say, a package of ten washcloths is far more beneficial than a single cloth.

Stuffed animals can also go in the “cloth items” category. While children grow out of most toys, rattles, teething rings, leaving them for the younger child to adopt, the older child is going to want to take his favorite friends with him to his new room, leaving his new sister with nothing.


Considering how many times a day Mommy has to change baby’s clothes, they are always a welcomed addition. When shopping for clothes for the new baby, look for ease in dressing as Mom will not only spend a lot of time removing and replacing them but she will have to do it while keeping an eye on the older child(ren) or may ask one of them to do it, assuming they are not toddlers themselves.


It seems like as often as each week, there is a new electronic product for baby. Especially if there is a span of two or more years, chances are Mom hasn’t found time or money to invest in these new products. They include learning tools that help even infant children recognize everyday colors and sounds, sound machines that soothe baby with the sounds of nature or classical music. In that same vein of thought, many retail stores now offer theme CD’s. Look for lullabies for baby and meditation sounds for Mom. Package a couple of these CD’s with a small countertop CD player for Mom to place in a corner of the new nursery.

Gifts for Mom

While all baby shower gifts are intended to make life easier for Mom, gifts that are just for Mom are terrific ideas as well. Relaxation gifts are first-rate ideas, such things as soothing music, a heated foot spa, massaging neck pillows or aroma therapy oils will really help your second-time Mom unwind at the end of a long day of chasing her multiple offspring.

Aside from cribs, changing tables, swings, and other “large” gifts, many of the things you would buy for a new Mother work just as well for a second-time Mom. Just keep in mind that everything you give her should make her job a little bit easier and you should come out on top.

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