Simple Skin Tips to Help You Look Younger

Now that I am in my thirties, my skin is suddenly taking center stage, again. I say again, because it was center stage back in those horrible acne teenage years. I survived that now I am up to the new challenge, keeping my skin looking young.

I have to laugh at that television commercial where the lady is talking about how she is concerned with both wrinkles and acne. I laugh because I relate to her. I have to watch that I don’t allow my skin to become too oily or those little acne patches returns teasing me of my past youth.

So what do I do now? I read all the products at my nearest drug store. I keep my face clean, remove all makeup before bedtime and follow a few more tips. Here are a few that I find are true.

First, we must watch out for that sun. I know it feels good on our skin. But it is dangerous. It not only cause skin cancer it causes aging. We have to wear sunscreen products, even if we aren’t laying out at the beach. Luckily, many products we all ready use contain these, foundations, moisturizers, etc. Invest in these products.

Drink plenty of water. We don’t want our skin to dehydrate. Dehydration causes dryness which causes wrinkles. Plus, drinking water helps keep us full and we eat less. A win win situation here.

Don’t smoke! Period. Smoking causes cancer. Smoking causes lines.

Don’t consume a lot of alcohol. Drinking on a regular basis can cause our skin to become puffy and sag. When you must drink, limit the amount before bedtime. Bedtime is the worse time of the day to drink.

Keep stress at bay. Stress is just not healthy period. It is not good for our mind, body or skin. When you are under stress, try to find time for yoga, meditation or just a simple walk, whatever makes you feel some better.

Don’t sleep on your face. Sleep on back. Sleeping on our face can cause those lines to become deeper.

Don’t over wash your face. Try to wash it only twice a day. Wash in warm water and pat dry.

Use only mild cleansers. Try to buy oil free moisturizers and ones that are water based, they don’t clog your pores.

It is true about what you have been hearing about antioxidants. They can reduce the signs of aging. They do this by destroying what is called free radicals. Free radicals allows the skin to show signs of aging plus they can cause skin cancer.

You can find antioxidants in foods, vitamins and some skin care products. The best antioxidants are Vitamin A, C and E. Combining these vitamins are even better for our body and skin.

You should also get plenty of sleep. Our skin is like our bodies, it needs to rest. Sleep gives it the recovery time it needs. If you can, aim for those eight hours of sleep.

Plus, you know this last tip will have to be addressed. Exercise. We must do it. Our skin as well as our minds and bodies need it. It helps build muscle and elasticity. Elasticity is what keeps us young looking.

Sound simple enough to you? Maybe, maybe not. But as in weight loss, there are no miracles. You have to do the work and you have to keep it up, if you want to look and feel good. Nothing in life is simple, not even good skin. Yes, part of it is heredity, but a major part of it is life and our habits. Heredity we can’t control. But the rest is up to us.

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