Weird Health News: Jesus is My Chiropractor!

A Pennsylvania woman has found Jesus, and he’s living right inside of her!

Has the Lord decided that it’s time to get caught up to the advancement of medical science?

After centuries of people claiming to find the images of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ in fabric, in water stains on walls, and in patterns in sand, a recent sighting of the likeness of Jesus is a little more high-tech.

There is a clear image rendering Jesus at the Crucifixion visible in the film of an MRI of her spine, says Rhonda Hodge, 34, of Pittsburgh. This miraculous MRI shows a detailed image of Jesus on the cross, she claims.

Plagued by numbness of the neck and left arm, the MRI was performed to try to help address a bulging disc. Upon receiving the films of her spine, Hodge was astonished to discover the presence of the Lord in her backbone!

Hodge claims that pictures of her spine clearly show a detailed rendering of Christ’s Passion. “You can almost seen the thorns around the head and the nails… the nails through the feet,” she said.

“You could actually see the hands,” Hodge continued. “They look like they’re nailed on the cross. You can see the body. It’s in a straight line, and then you see his feet. They look like they’re together, and the knees are bent.”

There is “do doubt” in her mind that the film of the MRI of her spine resembles a rendering of the crucifixion.

“What went through my mind?” Hodge said. “Just surprise. Oh my God, that’s the Crucifixion.”

Could this sighting of Jesus in an MRI scan mark the dawn of a new era?

In recent years, reports of the images of the Lord have been heading toward the internal, or would be heading toward the internal, it seems, if folks would just stop looking at their food and eat their lunch!

Numerous reports of the appearance of Jesus and the Virgin Mary on foodstuffs have been made over the past few decades.

In 1977, a woman in New Mexico beheld the face of Jesus as it appeared in the tortilla she was frying in a pan with some eggs. Jesus has also appeared on a Fish Stick in Ontario, Canada, and the likeness of Mother Teresa appeared on a breakfast bun in a caf�© in Nashville, TN, much to the confusion of the still living nun. And, who can forget the appearance of Mary the Mother of God on that grilled cheese sandwich in 2004?

So, what’s next for Rhonda Hodge and her divine spine? Apparently, she is considering the blessings of Ebay. After all, the Virgin Mary grilled cheese sandwich did fetch $28,000 on Ebay. And it had a bite taken out of it!

However, Hodge is still ambivalent about the sale of the image of the MRI messiah. “It’s been quite a few months, I haven’t done it yet. I don’t know,” she said. It is certainly a tough call.” What would Jesus do?

So has the presence of the lord in her backbone changed her life at all? “My neck does feel better.” Hodge responded. “I don’t know if that was Jesus or physical therapy.”

Source: CBS, ABC News

View a picture of the MRI here

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