Simple Steps for Conserving Water During Drought Conditions

Americans have a huge need for using water, and the studies conducted on Americans and their use of water shows proof with showing the American population using an estimated 350 million gallons of water each day; and it’s sad but the truth that most of the daily use of water that Americans are using each day is wasted due to carelessness in the way the water is being used. The other facts about the water that is wasted is due to leaking faucets which leaks a drop of water each second that is said to waste a total of 2,000 or more gallons of water a year. The toilet that leaks is also a culprit in water wasting and it’s estimated that the leaking toilet is wasting an estimated 100 gallons of water every day. It’s certain that these facts and estimated totals are reason enough to raise a concern in teaching Americans the simple steps that will conserve this valuable resource that we all take for granted that we call water. These simple tips and water saving steps will help to conserve our water and to ensure it’s future in being a valuable and existent resource on our earth in the future.

Water conservation tips and simple steps:

1. Turn all faucets in your home and businesses off completely when you are not using them and repair any leaks or dripping that is happening from the faucets. Do not leave the water running while washing the dishes by hand or when you are brushing your teeth. Check all pipes, faucets, and toilets in your home or business to find leaks or drips that need a quick repair to correct the problem that is causing the leak or drip and wasting tons of water.

2. Use the microwave or refrigerator methods to thaw your frozen foods instead of running water over the frozen items as the defrost method that will waste gallons of water each time this method is used.

3. Never throw garbage, trash or other items into your toilets as it will result in unnecessary needs to flush your toilet and waste gallons of water in the event of you flushing the toilet.

4. Taking a quick shower is an important part of water conservation and it’s estimated that showering will save an estimated 22 gallons of wasted water that a bath is estimated in wasting.

5. Re- use water that you use in cleaning vegetables and foods in to water plants or for cleaning purposes.

6. Washing clothing by hand is never a great way of conserving water, and if hand washing is a must then you should never leave the water running while washing the clothing, the best hand washing method is to put a stopper in the drain and wash the clothing in a small amount of water that is held in the sink or tub that you use in the hand washing of clothing.

7. Watering your lawn should only be done in small intervals of time and it’s best to water the lawn in the morning time when the evaporation is far less likely to waste the lawns water and cause you to use more water than needed.

8. Only run a dishwasher with a full load of dishes and set for the smallest cycle that uses less water.It’s also helpful to riinse the dishes less if washing them in a dishwasher to save water.

9. Don’t schedule your lawns watering cycle, and only water your lawn if its showing extreme needs to be watered.

10. Cover pools and conserve the water by chemicals that clean the water in pools to keep from the pool water evaporating or the water being wasted through constant needs in draining and refilling the water in your pool.

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