Tree Stump Ideas

If you’re tired of looking at an old tree stump in your yard, don’t despair. You don’t have to get rid of the stump. There are many creative options and ideas for using a tree stump, and these ideas will actually add unique beauty and interest to your yard.

Avoid the work and expense of having a tree stump removed. Instead of paying someone to remove a tree stump, and instead of trying to remove the stump yourself, consider the following creative ideas for sprucing up a tree stump and putting it to good use. With these creative ideas, your old tree stump will become as useful and attractive as the tree that once grew in its place.

Tree Stump Planter

Why not turn an old tree stump into a rustic planter? Grind or chisel out the center of the stump, fill it with rich potting soil, and plant perennials, trailing vines, or other foliage of your choice. Although chiseling or grinding out a stump can be a lot of work, a stump filled with beautiful flowers will add a lot of beauty and interest to your yard while making use of an otherwise unattractive and worthless stump.

Tree Stump Display

When you’re stuck with lemons, why not make lemonade? Turn an old unsightly tree stump into a beautiful display. Create a circular display of potted plants, and set a concrete statue or a gazing ball perched on a stand in the center.

You might also consider placing a birdhouse or an attractive birdfeeder in the center of your tree stump display, and surround it with potted foliage. The birds that once enjoyed the shade and protection of the former tree will now be able to enjoy the protection and shade of the plants and the feeder or birdhouse that now takes its place.

Trumpet Vine Tree

Trumpet vines are stunning flowering vines that are exceptionally hardy. Turn your old stump into a beautiful trumpet vine tree. Attach a large dome trellis to the center of the stump, and plant trumpet vines around the base. Trumpet vines are fast growing, and before long, a blanket of beautiful trumpet vines will cover the unsightly stump. You’ll enjoy watching hummingbirds and butterflies attracted to the colorful nectar-rich flowers, and your old stump will eventually be hidden from view.

Tree Stump Table

If your old tree stump is in a suitable location, consider turning it into a useable and attractive table. Cut the top of the stump to make it as level as possible, and sand it smooth. Coat the top with a layer of weather resistant polyurethane, and recoat the tree stump table as necessary. Your tree stump table can be used just like any other outdoor table, only it will be sturdier than any other table you could possibly have.

Tree Stump Chair

If your tree stump is too small to make a table and it’s in a good location, why not make a chair? Use a chainsaw and chisel to design a rustic chair. Sand the chair to prevent splinters, and coat it with weather resistant polyurethane. Surround your chair with plants, and shade it with a big umbrella. Your tree that once provided cool shade will still serve a purpose by providing a place to sit and relax. This is one chair that won’t blow away in the wind.

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