Simple Ways to Treat a Backache- No Drug Stores Necessary

Here are a number of household items to help treat that aching back. First, make a paste from meat tenderizer and water and rub the paste on your back to ease the pain. Next, cut rectangular sheets of Bubble Wrap or large Ziploc freezer bags and stuff them into a pillowcase. Place the Bubble Wrap or Ziploc bag filled pillowcase behind the lower part of your back when sitting in a chair or driving. You can also try hot and cold treatments with this household item, Ziploc Freezer bags. Make sure you are using the large size bags. Fill up the Ziploc bags with hot water, not too hot that it burns you, and wrap the bags in a towel, then apply the bags to your back. This works just the same as a heating pad but cost much less. Now for the cold treatment or ice pack, fill up the Ziploc bags with cold water (freeze the water) or you can just use ice cubes. Wrap the household ice pack with a towel and apply it to your back.

The next household item to treat a backache is Horse Liniment. Rub a teaspoon of Flex Free Horse Liniment on your back to treat and relieve nagging back pain. Or you can try rubbing some French’s Mustard on your back. However, if you don’t like the smell pour some of the mustard into a bathtub filled with water, mix the mustard into the water, and take a nice mustard soak for at least fifteen minutes. Mix these three household items to help treat a backache – mix three McCormick Bay Leaves and four teaspoons of Star Olive Oil into a pan and warm over a low heat, but don’t let the oil burn or smoke. Let it cool, and then pour into a couple of coffee filters and rub the ointment to the part of your back that hurts or aches.

Get a clean nice-sized jar with freshly picked lavender flowers and fill the jar with Smirnoff Vodka (buy an extra bottle just for your back instead of for your drinking pleasures). Close the lid to the jar tightly, and sit in a window in the sun for three days. Strain the liquid through a coffee filter and use a cotton ball to apply the liquid to your back. Treat your backache with some hot sauce. Get out the Tabasco Sauce and apply it as a treatment for your backache. The capsaicin in the Tabasco Sauce will work through to the nerves and desensitize your brain to the back pain. If you feel any uncomfortable burning, apply a generous amount of Colgate toothpaste on your back once the Tabasco sauce has dried to soothe the burning and enhance the effectiveness of the capsaicin.

Try pouring a couple of cups of Uncle Ben’s Converted Brand rice and heat it in the microwave for a minute. Carefully pour the rice into a sock, then tie the sock in a knot, and put the warm sock on your back to treat your backache. Try a massage. Of course, it is impossible for you to give yourself a full back massage but you can get someone else to perform a good massage on your back and not with their hands, with three or four tennis balls inside of a large sock. Tie the sock and have the person roll the sock over your back. This technique is often used for pregnant women in labor and works great to treat backaches and pains.

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