Simplicity Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic Dryer Sheets: Review

WalMart is starting to carry more lines of products that are good for humans, and good for the earth! I was ecstatic to see a new line of non-toxic products in my WalMart store, sold by the brand name Simplicity. I picked up their hand soap and a box of dryer sheets, and I love them both!


The dryer sheets come in the standard sized box, and two scents were available on the store shelf – unscented and fresh lavender. One look at the box and it immediately caught my attention! The box is light yellow with purple lettering, (I purchased the lavender scent). The box gives a ton of information that is very helpful if you are looking for an all natural product! It states:

* Hypoallergenic
* Certified non-toxic
* Certified 100% biodegradable
* Ultra soft

The box has a lift tab that pulls back to reveal the dryer sheets, and you can immediately smell the great, natural lavender scent. This does not smell like a bunch of chemicals, it smells like lavender essential oils!

Contained in the box are 80 white dryer sheets, but these don’t look like any dryer sheet I have ever used before, they take some getting used to! When I initially tried to pull a sheet out of the box, several came out, as they are all stuck together. Each sheet is covered with a ton of holes, making a diamond shape in the cloth. The front of the sheet is flat, but the bottom has protruding points from each of the holes, and these make the sheets stick together.

These dryer sheets are quite stiff, and they are perforated in the center. The directions say to separate one new Simplicity Fabric Softener Sheet into two pieces along perforation in center of sheet to improve softening effectiveness and to reduce the risk of blocking dryer vents. They measure 5 3/4″ by 8″ before you tear them in half. but they are folded in a tri-fold fashion, so you need to unfold two ends then tear them in half. The box then closes easily, with the top cover slipping down and the lift tab section fits down into the carton to keep the remaining dryer sheets fresh.


Simplicity Fabric Softener Sheets are produced with a vegetable derived softening agent.


I wish I knew if Simplicity uses real essential oil of Lavender in these dryer sheets, their packaging doesn’t say. The company is so new their website isn’t even up yet, although they do list one on their package ( I also tried calling their toll free phone number, but nobody answered the phone, so I sent them an email. I haven’t heard back yet.

The dryer sheets do a good job of softening my clothes, and they also worked to eliminate static cling, which is one reason I use a dryer sheet to begin with. They take some getting used to, I can’t just whip one out of the box and throw it in my dryer like I’m used to doing. But the extra time it takes to separate the dryer sheet into two pieces is very minimal, and the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

They give my clothes a mild lavender scent, one that I appreciate, but yet not enough to bother my husband who doesn’t like his clothing smelling like perfumes. He hardly even noticed that I changed my brand of dryer sheets!

All of the Simplicity products come with a Certified Seal, meaning they have been tested and endorsed by a certified third party testing lab, and found to be hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The seal guarantees their products are healthful and environmentally sound.

I haven’t had any issues with spotting, but the box does give directions on how to deal with spots should they appear on your clothing. This consists of wetting the fabric, scrubbing area with bar soap, rinsing and rewashing the item. The company also warns that they should not be used on garments that are labeled as “flame resistant”, as it may reduce the effectiveness of the flame resistance.

Many of the normal dryer sheets that are on the market today contain animal tallow. If you would rather have a more natural ingredient on your clothing, this one is for you!

The box is made from 100% recycled paperboard, and the Simplicity company surely seems to be very dedicated to the earth, family and home! I love these new products and look for more of them to come onto the marketplace!

This box of 80 sheets retailed for $3.42, which is also a great price!! I would expect to pay much more for an all natural product such as this!

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