Six Swiffer Tricks You Haven’t Discovered Yet

Whether you’re a domestic goddess or just committed to keeping that kitchen floor sparkly clean, you’ve probably come across the magnificent Swiffer Sweeper. Available in both wet and dry formats, this is one tool that shouldn’t pass your eyes in the cleaning supplies aisle.

Swiffer Sweepers have made their way from the factories of Proctor & Gamble to the local supermarket, offering the benefits of efficiency and convenience in one clean sweep. No more magic dusters needed, the Swiffer is one handy addition to your cleaning supplies closet; it makes spring cleaning or a room makeover a cinch! When you’re done using the Swiffer according to the box’s guidelines, set your sights on the next level of cleaning with some new tricks and applications. Here are just six Swiffer tricks you might not have discovered yet:

1. Swiffer Wet pads for the car. Instead of using those standard car wipes for that fresh interior, mop up a mess or just give the car a once over with a Swiffer wet cloth. You’ll leave the car with a fresh scent, and also find that there’s just enough soap to clean the backs of the seats.

2. Cleaning up pet spaces. The Swiffer dry cloths are ideal for picking up dog or cat hair; just run the dust cloths around the area for an immediate static reaction that keeps dust and hair at bay.

3. Spray the Swiffer Dry cloth with Windex for lighter cleaning projects. You can clean TV screens, the computer, and even small windows with the power of the Swiffer cloth. Just spray on some Windex or other window cleaner of choice for a powerful cleaning system!

4. Double duty. Turning over the cloth can give you some frugal benefits; after you’ve done the first round of cleaning, simply turn over the cloth (wear gloves if needed), for a ‘fresh’ cloth and avoid using up those refills.

5. Use the dry cloth for air conditioning and heating vents. Those hard to reach places in your heating and cooling system won’t have an impact on your electric bill if they’re clean and fully functioning. The Swiffer Dry cloth is an easy way to remove dust and dirt buildup and get those vents back up to high-performance.

6. Freshen up plants and flowers. Ever have trouble cleaning off every single leaf on that money plant or indoor fern? Fret not with the Swiffer Dry cloth in your hands; just wrap it around your hands like a glove and start wiping down those houseplants. The dust will quickly pull off the leaves with a few swipes!

While the Swiffer system will probably keep you buying Siwffer products for refills, solution, and other enhancements to your Swiffer Sweeper, the ongoing benefits can be well worth it. Swiffer sets are available in handy starter kits, complete with enough cloths and all the Swiffer gear you need for that next cleaning project. If you really feel adventurous, you might even mix up your own cleaning solution as a refill for the Swiffer WetJet. . .

Happy cleaning!

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