Skiing is the most interesting outdoor sport you can imagine. It is fun, thrilling, and adventurous sport. It is a hobby to some people and to some it can be a challenge. It is a winter sport only, wherever there is snow. Some of the mountians people ski on are hundreds of feet up. This is a dangerous sport so if you do not know how to skii I would suggest you take classes before hitting the slops.

Some of the popular locations known for skiing are:
Vail, Colorado
Sunday River, Maine
Squaw Valley, California
Aspen/Snowmass, Colorado
Big Ski Resort, Montana

If you are planning to go skiing and you never did so before you can take classes at the skii resort. They sell ski gear there as well. Some people need classes and some do not. Ski routes are referred to as runs, hills, trails, mountains, and slopes. You get to the top of the hill, or slope by a chair lift or gondola lift. It is a fun ride up and long way too. People who love to skii are brave for going up them steep hills of snow, and ice. It looks scary but they have been doing it probably for years. There are many different ways to ski like:

*Skiing is the sport of gliding over snow using your skis strapped to the feet with ski straps.

*Aerial skiing is a judged spport and competitors are judged on a jump takeoff and landing is all scored. They train on water ramps. This is a difficult sport.

*Mogul skiing is scary this sport the skiers ski down a field of moguls taking air twice on the way down. They are judged on their movements. This is a very difficult sport one they can get seriously hurt.

*Speed skiing is the sport of skiing fastest in the straight line downhill. They are very fast skiers and are known for winning the Olympics.

When skiing you should always make sure if you ever are to get hurt there are people around your surroundings that can help. Some items you may want to take with you are flashlight, cellular phone, alarm that makes a high pitch noise, first aid kit, map, expedition and binoculars. You are at high risk for injuries as a skier. You can damage your brain, break bones, and sometimes death happens. This is not a joke. It looks great and perfect on television but they are professionals.

Professionals do get hurt as well. Some tips on skiing are:

Know your grounds, routes
Drink plenty of water
Practice makes perfect, take lessons
Try all gear on before buying them
Wear layers of clothing, hats
Buckle your feet straps tightly

Taking a family trip to go skiing is fun and exciting. Some children love to ski and some do not because of the cold. Look online for locations near you that you would like to visit and have a fun time spending the day skiiing at. It will be a wonderful adventure.

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