Slurpees and Other Interesting Hangover Cures

Searching for the perfect hangover cure? Here are a few of my own personal hangover cures that have stood the test of time and worked for me on many a Saturday mornings. These hangover cures are from my own personally experience, so you won’t find any of those silly myth hangover cures and preventers, like drinking a glass of water in between every drink the night before. These hang over cures are for you Americans out there who tied one on the night before with little or no though the consequence you would be facing the next day.

Ok, I am gonna start with the big guns first. My most tried and true hangover cure is take out Chinese food along with a Styrofoam take out cup full of ice and diet coke. Diet coke is an essential ingredient in this hand over cure. I swear by this. I know that a hangover is simply side effects of your body being dehydrated, but I never claimed to be a doctor giving medical advise. You might find yourself following this hangover cure with a few glasses of water throughout the afternoon.

My second most tried and true hangover is a biscuit from McDonalds. Please don’t lecture me on the fat content of this food, because if you were really concerned about eating and living a healthy lifestyle, you would not be consuming enough alcohol on a regular basis to be looking up hangover cures on the internet. With this hangover cure I highly recommend sausage be a part of this biscuit!

Ok, for you sugar lovers out there, this hangover cure is for you. A large cherry icee or slurpee will always do the trick. Not sure of the science behind this one, but maybe it has something to do with the sugar content. Add in a snickers if you are especially feeling the effects of your hangover. I am always amazed at this hangover cure. It works every time. This hangover cure seems to be the perfect option when you are heading out on the road the next day around Noon and the glare form the sun makes your eyes almost completely shut. You can substitute a Mountain Dew slurpee or a raspberry slurpee for the cherry version. Personally I recommend the true slurpee, not the icees with the drawing of the little white dog on the machine. Splurge and get the big gulp size, it will be gone before you know it.

My final personally recommendation for a hangover cure is one of those candy coffees from Starbucks. I am talking about those mocha, caramel latte, and crazy cappuccino creations that have us all standing in line to pay $4 for coffee. Do not be surprised if you go back to sleep after drinking this caffeine filled beverage. I have no idea how I can sleep after an alarmingly large caramel latte, but has been known to happen! I always wake up refreshed and cure of my hangover.

I hope you have enjoyed these personal hangover cures. They all seemed to be based in grease, sugar, and caffeine. If it works though, I am not going to fix it!

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