Smart Spin: Intelligent Design Not the Strongpoint of the Plasticware Set

The Smart Spin vowed to be the solution to all my food storage needs. I believed the well-marketed product would allow me to reclaim my cabinet space and store all my plastic ware in a single square foot.

In reality, the Smart Spin is almost perfect, but it’s lacking where it counts – the need for varied container sizes. The 49-piece set includes 24 containers, 24 lids, and a pull-out, spinning holder.

The Smart Spin features three different sized containers (8 oz., 16 oz., and 24 oz.), all working with a one-lid-fits-all design, so you’re never left searching for the “right” lid.

The plastic ware is housed in a spinning holder, which pulls out for easy access, all taking up less space than most coffeemakers. Additionally, the plastics are safe for the dishwasher and microwave-reheating.

However, the Smart Spin doesn’t come without its problems. For example, the smallest size is too small to be of much use and the largest size is shaped to oddly to hold popular foods such as pizza, lasagna, and chicken breasts – so don’t throw all your old plastic ware out just yet.

Additionally, the largest size, when stacked in the holder, is too tall to fit in most standard-sized cabinets and must be stored outside the holder.

Overall, the Smart Spin isn’t a bad addition to your current plastic ware collection, but it is not the “smart” storage solution kitchen cabinets and leftover lovers have been waiting for.

The Smart Spin retails for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

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