Smoothie Recipes

Delicious, seductive, refreshing, and filling, it’s that time of year again – for smoothies made at home minus the $7 charge at most cafes.

For the weight conscious you can make a Purple Power Blackberry Peach Smoothie in a single serving. Preparation time is eight minutes and it’s easy to make. Sweet peaches get a royal purple color and a berry tang from blackberries in this delicious smoothie.

�¾ c. ice cube(s), about four cubes
2 medium peaches, peeled and quartered
�¼ c. blackberries
�½ c. fat-free skim milk

Place ice in jar of blender and blend peaches, blackberries, and milk. Blend on high until smooth and ice is completely crushed, about three to four minutes.

For the sweet tooth there is the S’more Smoothie.

�½ c. marshmallow cr�¨me
�¼ c. chocolate syrup
1 c. milk
2 c. ice
2 graham cracker squares
Mini marshmallows
Mini chocolate chips

Add the marshmallow cr�¨me to the container of an electric blender. Add in the chocolate syrup and milk. Add the ice on top and crumble the graham crackers over the ice. Cover and blend on high until smooth and all the marshmallow cr�¨me has been mixed smooth. Pour the mixture into two chilled glasses; garnish with the mini marshmallow and chocolate chips.

Call this one the Rogue Flamingo or the Pink Panther:

2 c. hulled strawberries
1 c. chopped watermelon
Juice of two freshly squeezed oranges
Juice of one freshly squeezed lime
�½ c. ruby red grapefruit juice
Combine all of the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Cover and chill. Before serving, shake or stir, then pour into chilled glasses.

Colorful Raspberry Smoothie:
1 medium banana
�½ c. red raspberries or strawberries
�½ c. black raspberries or blueberries
�½ c. yogurt
�½ c. ice

Cut raspberries into tiny pieces so they fit through a straw. Blend the banana, ice, and yogurt with the black raspberries. Add a few pieces of the red raspberry at the bottom of the cup. Pour the smoothie �¼ c. then add more pieces of the red raspberry. Finish at the top with more pieces and enjoy.

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