Snake Traps: Tips for Using a Home Snake Trap

It’s terrifying to find a snake in your home. If you want to capture a snake that has ventured into your home, you can easily do so with a snake trap. There are a number of things you should know before you do this. This article will give you a few tips for using snake traps in your home.


Location is one of the most important factors when using snake traps. You always need to set the trap in areas that snakes frequent. Most snakes are found in the basement or garage when they enter homes. Snakes that climb trees are known for making their way into the attic. Other places that you should use a snake trap are under objects such as freezers and boxes.


Snakes like to travel along the edges of walls. Therefore, it’s best to place snake traps lengthwise against a wall. You should also make sure it’s secured against the wall so the snake won’t be able to push it aside and pass by. You can secure a snake trap against the wall with a brick or tape.


Many people only buy one snake trap and hope for the best. You will achieve better results by using at least two traps in your home. You can use one on lower levels such as the basement or crawlspace. You should also put another snake trap in your attic if you have one.


Many snake traps are glue-based. Whenever a snake slithers over it, it will become stuck in the glue and unable to escape. A snake trap should only be used inside your home. It will be unable to withstand moist conditions outside like rain, snow, or heavy dew.


If you don’t want to kill any captured snakes, you will need to release them. It’s easy to release snakes from funnel snake traps. If also easy to release them from the glue-based variety. You will need to use cooking oil on the snake trap so that the snake can free itself from the glue.

These are a few tips for using a snake trap in your home. You should secure it against a wall so the snake will get captured while crawling along. It’s also a good idea to use multiple snake traps at different locations to achieve the best results. You can release snakes from glue-based traps by using cooking oil.

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