How to Clean a Milk Stain

Are you crying over spilt milk? You got it all over a favorite shirt or expensive pair of pants. Now, you can’t seem to get it out. Here’s a bit of help. Below are a few tried and true ways to remove a milk stain.

Right after a spill…

Huggies Baby Wipes
. If you have a baby, you’re sure to have a closet full of Huggies Baby Wipes. So, as soon as your baby gets a bit of spittle on that favorite top or skirt, use a wipe. Make sure you wipe up all of the milk and you’ll keep your clothing items in prime condition.

Windex. Windex can be used for more than cleaning a mirror or window. It can also tackle a milk stain. As soon as you get one, spray a bit of Windex on it and watch it dissolve away.

For a set milk stain…

Murphy’s Oil Soap
. If your stain has set, don’t get discouraged, just pull out your Murphy’s Oil Soap. Apply it to the stain and let it sit for ten minutes. Afterwards, launder your item in cold water.

Pine-Sol and Oral-B Toothbrush. Scrub away a tough stain using Pine-Sol and Oral-B Toothbrush. Dab your garment with the Pine-Sol and then scrub it with the toothbrush. Once the stain begins to dissolve, rinse it and wash your garment as usual.

Resolve. Resolve is not only for stains in the carpet. It also can be used for stains on clothes. Spray that glob of milk with this product, let it sit for ten minutes and then wash it. You’ll be surprised at the results.

Dawn and Oral-B Toothbrush. After you finish doing the dishes, pull out your Dawn and using it on that tough milk stain. Apply a drop or two onto your clothing item and scrub it with a toothbrush. After you see it start to separate, rinse with cold water and launder as usual.

For a milk stain that’s turned yellow…

Bar Keepers Friend. Has your milk stain soured and turned yellow? Use Bar Keepers Friend to get it out. Just soak your garment in it overnight and throw into the wash.

Coca-Cola. Save a bit of your Coca-Cola for a yellowed milk stain. Place a bit of it over the stain and let it sit for five minutes. Afterwards, throw it into the wash.

. Use original formula Cascade to tackle a yellowish milk stain. Here’s how. In a bucket of hot water, mix one-quarter cup of Cascade. Soak the garment overnight. Then wash it as usual.

Easy-Off Oven Cleaner. In a well-ventilated area, spray the stain with Easy-Off Oven Cleaner. Let it sit for about 30 minutes and rinse with water. Afterwards, wash the garment in cold water.

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