So What is the Real Truth Behind the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?

It’s funny how a certain group of “minorities” become more expendable when a tragedy occurs. They become less important, seen to be organisms under a microscope.

Hurricane Katrina caused this huge confusion among the Louisiana nations. Causing most if not all to lose their whole way of life, their self worth and most of all their stability.

Imagine having a flood of water erasing all that you knew to be as the essence of your life. Having your children’s lives compromised, to the point where there’s nothing you could do to lighten the load of “need.”
Born into this world to fend for yourself but living all of your life depending on another human being to make whatever wrong, right.

“Together we stand, divided we fall, ” is a constant reminder that we as Americans are perpetrating a fraud without the mask. We show our true colors through words which define our actions. Every soul that breaths, hears, sees and comprehends knows the truth that underlines the intentions of the world we live in.

Both parties involved in the aftermath of Katrina are to blame. The Government party as well as the party of Louisiana. See, some people expect more than what they came with and that plays a huge part in the problem the Katrina evacuees are facing today.

Society has to stop not wanting to have, not wanting to reach far enough because the stretch is too much. Stop procrastinating, waiting for something to happen. Instead of understanding time is of an essence and for no one time waits.

Complaints run miles at a time but track records prove to show that their efforts are just as minimum as the one attempting to help.

On the flip side of this issue, if you can call yourself the “Head Honcho.” Then make sure you uphold your authority at all times. Because a true “Head Honcho,” never lets his colors leave the crayon box. Image is everything but for some, putting on that faÃ?§ade doesn’t come easy. And once you let your pants fall, you’ll never be able to erase the mental Polaroid of humiliation.

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