Solar Outdoor Lighting: An Energy Crisis Lifesaver?

We are in the midst of an energy crisis. The cost or running just about everything has skyrocketed and more people then ever before simply can’t afford to power things they consider “unnecessary” but sadly in our world lighting is necessary especially during these summer months when so many people love to entertain outside. So what is a conscious consumer to do? Simple, look into solar powered outdoor lighting. Since many do not consider solar-powered lighting to be traditional there is some skepticism. It is understandable but solar powered outdoor lighting is safe, easy to install and best of all it really does work.

Solar powered outdoor lighting normally requires minimal instillation all you have to do is plan were you want the light to fall and put it there, simple enough, right? The biggest issue that is faced with solar power lighting however is placement. Be sure that the lights are placed were they will get ample sunlight during the day. You can not expect much from the lighting if you’ve placed it in a shady spot as it needs the sunlight during the day to power the light at night.

The concept is fairly simple. The lights have built in solar powers that take in energy from the sun and store it in rechargeable batteries. A sensor in the light turns the power on at dusk and turns it off when the sun rises. Most can expect about 8 hours of lighting per charge which is exactly what most people need.

There are a variety of different options in solar powered outdoor lighting. Traditional lanterns are available to light up gardens and are actually very pretty. Simply put them in the ground where you want them and call it a day. Another great option is the traditional Solar Ventura Light. The post lamp is a two tier LED set up. The post lamps have a ground stake and are ideal for lighting a walkway or around a garden or deck. They create great light but are more subtle. You can even find solar powered lights that look like rocks for that extra subtle look.

Additional options do exist. There are solar power outdoor lighting options that can be bolted to the home or garage to create light were you need it the most. The biggest issue I’ve encountered with such lighting is finding a spot on the house were enough sunlight comes in to power the light, but if you do not live in the land of covered porches it shouldn’t be a major issue.

Wall-mounted solar power outdoor lighting comes in a wide variety of styles so just about every homeowner can find one that fits the style of their living space and personal taste.

The biggest thing to remember when shopping for solar powered outdoor lighting is, you get what you pay for. It’s probably best to spend a bit more than go extra cheap, and there are some cheap options out there. In my experience the more expensive lights perform better and give off longer lasting light throughout the evening.

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