Vintage Window Kitchen Cabinet Resurfacing

If you want to add some architectural details and resurface plain kitchen cabinets, then you are going to love this vintage window technique we use on old kitchen cabinets. This kitchen cabinet resurfacing project will work best on smooth front kitchen cabinets, but after you read this article, you may see ways to incorporate this fun and easy kitchen cabinet resurfacing project in your own home!

This kitchen cabinet makeover project is definitely for anyone who loves a retro kitchen, shabby chic kitchen, or who can not get enough architectural detail in their vintage home!

To Resurface Your Kitchen Cabinets With Vintage Windows You Will Need:

Vintage Windows (at least 1 for every cabinet door)


Power Drill

Paint (optional)

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So, the first step in this retro kitchen craft project is to assess your kitchen and decide what kind of vintage windows you are looking for and how many you will need.

You can use one vintage wood window for each cabinet or even look for lots of small wood windows and use two to three on each kitchen cabinet door.

I am going to give instructions for one vintage window on each kitchen cabinet door, but they are the same, just place your multiple vintage windows as needed for the look you are going for in your kitchen.

I like to remove the kitchen doors from the cabinets and lay them out on a flat work surface.

Now, pre drill four holes in the corners of your vintage window frames. Go all the way through the wood.

Now, lay the window in place on the cabinet where you would like it to be.

Use a thin marker and press it through the hole and make a mark where the hole is.

Now, do this in each corner.

Predrill these holes halfway through the kitchen cabinet doors.

Now, line the window up again and use screws to attach it to the front of the kitchen cabinet doors.

So, that was very simple and the basics for adding some fun and vintage architectural detail in your retro kitchen.

Now, here are some ideas to take this kitchen cabinet makeover project a few steps further:

1. Why not place a recipe behind each piece of glass in the vintage window. I have tons of old recipes from my grandmother, these would work well.

2. Try placing photos behind each sheet of glass. Be consistent, like use all black and white photos.

3. Why not look for vintage windows with stained glass in them. You can even paint your own stained glass. Just look for stained glass paint at your local art supply store.

4. Try blowing up vintage postcards, vintage posters, vintage photos, or vintage recipes to the same size as your vintage window. Line the inside of each covering the glass entirely before you install it!

One final tip: this vintage kitchen craft project will look best on painted kitchen cabinets. Most likely your vintage windows will be painted as well, so it makes since. Rustic wood cabinets would also work. The look for this kitchen craft project is vintage, whimsical, retro, and fun! You could even use it in an art studio on work cabinets!

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