Sony Vs Compaq: The Battle for Your Computing Dollar

I have two personal computers in my home. Both are used for online research. Both are perfect to fit my needs. And, both are over a year old. Before you say “why do I need to know anything about such old computers”, think about the prices. You can buy the brand new models for about $2,000 at your local stores or you can go on eBay, and finds these two great but very different models for cheap.

When you think of a computer contrast and comparison you naturally think of Apple versus PC, Macintosh versus Microsoft. But, you never stop to think that there could be a different between two personal computers. How could you? Any of the latest Windows XP computers are virtually the same. Some have tiny differences. Some companies offer more gigabytes of space, some less.

The Sony VAIO PC comes with 200 gigabytes of hard drive space – that’s not including the Windows XP Home Edition software. It comes with an Intel Pentium 4 Processor 5 30 J with Hyper-Threading Technology. It’s processor speed is 3GHz. There’s 800 MHz FSB (Forward Side Bus), 1MB L2 Cache. There’s approximately half a gigabyte of ram in the Sony VAIO PC. It’s got an awesome program to play music on called Sonic Stage. And, it’s great for playing movies on the VAIO Zone software with an Intel Graphics Media accelerator 900 (224 MB max.) The software, the programming and the name of its processor is the biggest difference from the Compaq PC.

The Compaq comes with a 3400+ Sempron Processor, 512MB ram, and 160 gig hard drive. It comes with an Intergrated ATI Radeon Xpress 200 graphics card. These Sony and Compaq computers both offer great anti-virus, spyware, and spam blocking programs such as Norton. They both come with DVD or CD writers and or players. The Sony and Compaq PCs also come with memory stick, memory card, and USB ports. They both have matching colored outlets for microphones, headphones, and your keyboard. Where the Sony uses its VAIO Zone software, the Compaq uses InterVideo.

As you can see, the subtle differences are in the names, and titles of the programs offered on these computers. You can get either brand name with whatever amount of ram or hard drive you like. Both are extremely reliable. Both have superior picture and sound quality. I’ve played movies and music on both of these machines, and I have yet to be disappointed with their playing performance (very few if any pauses or skips). They’re both extremely helpful, and extremely efficient when working online – whether that is with dialup or DSL.

So, if you’re asking for a contrast between the Sony VAIO PC or the Compaq PC, I can’t give you one. They’re both so good and they’re both so much the same. The only difference here may be a question of money and popularity. Being a big time name brand like Sony, the VAIO may be more expensive than the Compaq. But, take it from me, you can’t go wrong buying cheap or buying pricy where these two computers are concerned.

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