Speechless With My Salsa Goddess

Last Thursday night’s salsa class was alright. Being the second session of the month, I didn’t expect to see any new students attending. Wrong I was. There, standing right before my eyes, was this gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous striking sexy goddess. So while we were busy practicing the newfangled steps and complicated turns, I couldn’t help it but my eyes were transfixed on her – I took in her long wavy jet black hair, the big expressive eyes, sharp aquiline nose, smooth olive skin, lithe slender figure…(yes, drooling hahaha).

Class finally ended, and I made my way across the street to my favorite cheesecake place in the city to buy some goodies for a midnight snack. Afterwards, was sorely tempted to walk down the few blocks to Chinatown for some Vietnamese chow, but eventually decided “Nah, some other time”. I bounded down the steps to the subway platform, and voila! Guess who was standing right there? Yes, the Latina goddess!!! So I thought, “Oh wow, this is the perfect chance to knock her socks off with my Espanol” (yeah, how pathetic).

So I approached her, “Hey, you’re in the same class as I am!”, and we proceeded to chat a bit about salsa, dance classes, etc. Pretty soon, the #6 train arrived and we continued the conversation inside – I found out that she was not Latina at all, but rather an exotic mix of Israeli and French (Que lastima, no hablo frances). I thought to myself, “Hmm, I’m willing to take the train all the way up to 86th St. just to be in her company”, and anyway I had a plausible excuse – I could say I bought cheesecake for my friends who live in the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, I was so taken by her beauty that I suffered major brain cramp, and thus couldn’t really think of much topics for small talk, and so to avoid embarrassing silences, decided to haul my ass off at my normal stop – Astor place…arrgghhhhh. Stupid stupid…maybe next week.

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