Sports Radio: The Best Programming in the Nation

August 20, 2006

All of my fellow sports fans out there can relate to this problem. You’re sitting at work, with not too much on your list of things to do, and you’re wondering: “How is my favorite sports team doing right about now?” Most of us try to answer this question by going to, but usually they only have the most urgent information, and unless something extraordinary happened with your team, it’s most likely that it will not be on the website. So if you just want to know how practice went, or who is in the starting line-up for the night, then I have the website for you. Don’t worry! It’s nothing you have to pay for, and you don’t have to stray far from your usual website, ESPN, either. is the best sports site out there! Their radio programming is full of the same talent you see on Sportscenter and ABC Sports. On top of that, they have several locally syndicated radio programs around the country. But the national program is the cream of the crop. The hosts are entertaining, fair and exceedingly dogmaticâÂ?¦in their own special way. Here is a description of the radio programs that you can expect to hear on

Early Morning (6a.m. – 10a.m.): “Mike and Mike in the Morning” – Mike Greenberg and Michael Golic (or “Golie”) are an extremely vibrant tandem, especially considering the time of day that they come on the air. Their friendly banter and attention-grabbing remarks come from two unique perspectives. Greenberg is a broadcaster on “Sportscenter,” and thus he has no real personal affiliation to the sports world. However, he is exceedingly opinionated about sports and athletes, and his “everyday man” interpretations of sporting events and issues offer a connection to most listeners that you rarely find in most sports programming. “Golie” is an ex-football player with an all-around “sports aficionado outtake” on all other sports and competitions. If you want the “Real Man’s” outlook on sports, Golie is where to get it. “Greeny” on the other hand? Well, even he’s taking “Man” lessons.

Late-Morning (10a.m. – 1p.m.): “The Herd” – You may have seen Collin Cowherd on “Sportscenter” Sunday mornings. On Sunday’s show Collin does a piece that incorporates radio conversations from his radio show, The Herd, to analyze the important sports issues of the week. Well, if you think those conversations are interesting on “Sportscenter,” wait until you hear them in their entirety. Cowherd is a rambunctious host, to say the least. His comments are straight and to the point, and like he always says, you may not like what he has to say, or even how he says it, but you keep tuning in because his opinion are straight-forward and unparalleled. Cowherd is going to tell it like it is, and he is never going to hold back his dislike for a person, team or issue, but one thing you can count on Cowherd always holding a soft spot for, is his love of!

Afternoon (1p.m. – 4p.m.): “The Dan Patrick Show” – Dan is a simple man, someone no-one understands, not even his woman! In my opinion, and take that for what it is, Dan is a little off his rocker. I’m not saying he’s clinically crazy, but as a broadcaster, he is more like that kid in high school who hanged out with all the jocks, and they had his back, even though he wasn’t necessarily one of them. If you listen to the show, you will know what I am talking about, as he tries to start personal feuds, raise questions that are so far off-base that they can only be interpreted as a means of “starting trouble.” I recall when he tried to get Tony Kornheiser, from “Pardon the Interruption,” to rip Mike Golic in a situation where a “ripping” would have been way out of line. And he actually admitted to it as soon as Tony was off the air. Dan is guaranteed to be that way on every program, and along with his color commentary, cynical disposition, and disparate but impartial elucidations, “The Dan Patrick Show” will whisk you from your lunch break to clock out time and no time flat.

These shows, along with the regional broadcasts that can be found on your local Espn internet broadcast (check your local radio stations or type Espn radio and your city into a search engine), are full of unique characters that everybody will find themselves either loving or hating. One of my personal favorites is Stephen A. Smith whose radio program airs on Espn’s

New York
radio affiliate, WEPN. But for the latest scoop on your favorite team, start searching for your local affiliate right now, or just load up and start your work-day the way you ended the night beforeâÂ?¦cursing out your team’s coach for not going for it on 4th down! Trust me, Mike and Mike will be right there with you – if it was the wrong call!

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