Spring Cleaning Hints

Spring is upon us and it is time to set aside a day or certain time when you will complete your annual Spring Cleaning. Although the task may seem daunting at first, there are ways to tackle the project so that spring cleaning doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

Get your spring cleaning supplies in order. Get all of your stuff together and keep it in a bucket. Make sure you have rubber gloves, a duster, garbage bags, window cleaner, Lysol, a toothbrush, wipes, and a fresh toilet brush.

First, have a method to your madness. Begin at the top of your rooms and work down. This way you won’t have to re-clean dirt that has fallen from surfaces above. Noone wants to do spring cleaning more than once.

First dust everything and then vacuum. Get all of your supplies together and carry them in a cleaner’s apron or bucket.

Get things away from your walls. This will allow you to get under everything and get at carpet edges that you normally ignore.

To keep the soap scum and mildew build-up in your bathrooms from being a mountainous task, take care of it on a weekly basis.

Shed a little sunlight on your project and open all your windows and turn off all the lights.

To add some shine to your floors, put a piece of waxed paper uunderneath your dust mop. The dirt will stick to your mop and the wax will shine your floors.

To clean dusty miniblinds, use a damp fabric softener sheet. This will take away the static that attracts dust to your blinds. This also works with your TV screen. What better time to knock out two dusty surfaces at once than when you do your spring cleaning!

To make the most of your time, give your cleaning chemicals time to do their magic. Windex the light fixtures and mirrors in your bathroom and then scrub the tub and toilet. When you are finished, go back to the mirrors and light fixtures.

Keep streaks at bay by washing your windows on a cloudy day. Before you spray on the Windex it is a good idea to dust the window and sill from top to bottom. You can also use a paintbrush to get into the cracks.

Cleaning the door of your house will make a great first impression for visitors. Use a rag and soapy water and scrub from top to bottom. Also, get the top edge of the frame. Spruce up the entryway and sidewalks as well. You want the outside to be presentable as well as the inside!

To have a fresh clean spring smell in your house, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet overnight and vacuum the next morning. Ahh, the neighbors will say “Your house smells so clean! You must have just done your spring cleaning!”

If your marble surfaces have stains, use a lemon sprinkled with salt to remove them. Rub the lemon very lightly over the stain. Then, wash off with soap and water.

Remove all the items in your refrigerator and scrub it down throughly. Throw away any dated items.

Empty out your medicine cabinets and throw out expired medications. Clean and disinfect the toothbrush holder. Scrub and remove the soap scum and mold from the shower curtain or door.

Get the kid’s toys organized that are left in piles in your family room. Each child should have a bin for his/her toys to help keep things neat.

When you dust remember to dust the ceiling fan blades.

There you have it. A do-it-yourself guide to spring cleaning! Go on, put your apron and high heels on and make Ward proud!

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