Stain Removal and Cleaning Tips

Stains can happen for any number of reasons, but the key to treating them and stopping them from becoming permanent is speed. I know it’s not always practical and you can’t always treat a stain immediately, but whenever you can, do.

Wine: If it is red wine, cover the area in soda water and salt, and then scrape up the salt that has been saturated with wine. Blot with an absorbent cloth. Pour cold water over the stain and blot again. Then clean with detergent or carpet cleaner (if it is clothing, put it on the hottest wash that can be used without damaging the fabric). For white wine, blot as much as possible, soak the stain in cold water and clean as normal.

Beer: Soak in a white wine vinegar and water solution for about 15 minutes, then clean as normal (depending on whether it is carpet or clothing).

Candle Wax: If you are unfortunate enough to have candle wax on your clothing, do not waste your time trying to get it out with a chemical cleaning product, place brown paper (I recommend using the oil blotting papers that are used to prevent shine on faces, they are available in most chemists and they work far better than ordinary brown paper) above and below the stain. Run a hot iron over the paper until it is covered in wax, repeat the process until no more wax remains. If there is wax on the carpet, use the same method as above, simply placing paper on top of the stain and ironing until no more wax is left.

Blood: Rinse garment in cold water, and then wherever possible soak the garment in detergent and warm water. For a carpet, soak the affected area in warm water and detergent, and blot, then clean with carpet cleaner, this should prevent the stain from setting.

Chocolate: Remove as much of the chocolate as possible with a wet wipe (baby wipe) and rub gently with another clean wipe. Wash as normal.

Coffee: Rinse as soon as possible in cold water, and then soak in a washing detergent solution. Clean as normal.

Nail Varnish: Gently wipe or dab with acetone free nail varnish remover, test on a small area first as there is always a possibility that even the most gentle nail varnish remover can cause discoloration. If the fabric is okay, then clean as normal. White or non- colorfast fabrics should be treated by a dry cleaner.

Grease: This applies to any kind of fat, grease or cooking oil, soak the fabric with water and apply strong detergent, wash in water that is as hot as it can be without damaging the garment or fabric.

Mud: Scrape off the excess, and then apply neat liquid detergent to the affected area and wash as normal.

Crayon: Dab the area with white spirit and wash with a strong detergent

Chewing gum: Scrape off or remove the excess, you may want to put it in the fridge for a while first to make it easier. Dab with methylated spirits, wash as normal.

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