Steroids: A Deadly Trend

The use of steroids seems to be popping up in the news more and more. There is so much controversy from Tour the France winners to famous Major League Baseball players. How are steroids becoming such an easy to get thing? Plus why are steroids the new trend.

Little town papers are popping up with stories of their high school star, dead from steroids. But how can these little town kids getting what the big leaguers have. Well the internet is one place where with a few clicks it is an easy way to get whatever you want. With there being no restrictions on steroids in Mexico, sending for some as easy as ordering flowers for your mother on mother’s day.

Unfortunately with such easy access people are buying first and dealing with the consequences later. Steroids have a horrible effect on the body. It might be a quick fix and an easy way to be the best now but the later is when things go bad. According to American Academy of Pediatrics the effects of steroids use are as follows:

High blood pressure and heart disease

Liver damage and cancers

Stroke and blood clots

Urinary and bowel problems, such as diarrhea

Headaches, aching joints and muscle cramps

Nausea and vomiting

Sleep problems

Increased risk of ligament and tendon injuries

Severe acne, especially on face and back


Males and females almost switch genders due to physical effects. Males get larger breast and nipple size, they maybe become impotent, and swollen prostate. Females lose breast size, get a deeper voice, and get an increase in body hair.

Most deaths from steroid use is not from the use itself but from the depression that is caused by the use. Especially among adolescence who can not deal with these emotions and do not seek professional help for it.

The trend is brought by competition and Hollywood’s glorifying of bigger, stronger, men. The completion from other males and the need for acceptance and the easily attainable drug makes it an easy choice. The pressure coaches and others put on athletes might be to much for a not confident enough athlete. Then of course is the constant awareness of the worlds appeal of larger stronger men. There are many male magazines that only show the biggest and most built male. There are actors that are praised for bulking up for movie roles.

The trend is here to stay. Unless the consequences are tossed more in their faces there will not be a decline to this use. Steroids a performance enhancer with a savior and deadly consequence.

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