Stop Thieves from Stealing Your Car

It is that time of the year when crime numbers rise. Why? People are outside more in the spring in summer months? The heat makes them angrier? More kids have more times on their hands? The reasons why can be many. But you need to take steps now to protect your valuables. What is the top of your list of valuables? Does your car top your list?

Yes, you pay for the expensive insurance to cover theft? But have your ever thought about one of the reasons why car insurance is so expensive? Too many cars are stolen on a daily basis. Insurances have to recovery their money. If we take some little steps to help protect our cars, they won’t be stolen as quickly and in the end we save money.

Here are few steps we all can take:

1. Never leave your car running and unattended. Don’t frown and think who would be so stupid. We see it all the time. Someone is in a hurry. They make a quick dash into the mini-market. Well, someday they may be sorry and come out and find they have no car waiting for them. Can you imagine how stupid they will feel telling the police officer this story.

2. Lock your car. You should even do this if it is sitting in front of your own house. You may live in a safe neighborhood. But even the safest neighborhoods will be robbed, eventually (sad, but true).

3. Never leave your valuables in plain sight. By valuables, this means your purse, briefcase, cell phone, computer, or wallet. It doesn’t matter if you do lock the doors, the windows are breakable and you never know how brave a theft is.

4. Watch about parking where you have to give your keys to a parking attendant or valet. Most places hire respectable people. But you never know. It would be easy for the valet to make an ink stamp of your key. They do this in the movies and in real life. Plus, if there is a place that makes keys close by they can just run over and make a real copy before you are back for your car.

5. Park in well lighted areas. Thieves do not like to be seen.

6. Think about installing alarm systems. Some newer cars all ready come equip with alarm systems. Check around for prices at different places for the best deals.

7. If you have a pull out stereo system, then pull it out when leaving your car, especially when parking over-night or in a parking garage.

8. Install one of those clubs or bars that go over your steering wheel. A lot of experts say just seeing one of those will detour would-be thieves. They just don’t want to mess with them.

9. The most important thing you should do is to keep your doors locked when driving. There have been a lot of stories reported about how people were car jacked a stop sign or red light.

Try not to keep valuables in your car. When you leave your car, take them with you.

Most importantly, remember your car is just a car, a thing. There are more important aspects of life, like the people in your life. Yes, try to protect it the best as you can. But if something happens to your car and you are okay, still try to smile.

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