The Top Coffee Shops in Owings Mills, Maryland

Need a cuppa java? Lucky for you, there are plenty of spots to get your caffeine fix in Owings Mills. And almost all of them are conveniently located. Here’s a list of the top coffee shops in Owings Mills, in no particular order.

Starbucks. You knew it would have to be on the list, didn’t you? Cozy, clean, and always friendly, the Starbucks sells some great coffee, and some coffee-like treats. Frappuccino, cappuccino, iced coffee or creme blends – Starbucks has it all. There are four Starbucks in Owings Mills. One of them is right on the border with Baltimore proper, in the Woodholme Plaza on Reisterstown Road. Plaza on Reisterstown Road. It’s friendly, well-kept, and spacious. Another is actually in the Safeway, a convenient little spot to get a little “me time” and take a time-out from your shopping. The St. Thomas Starbucks is also on Reisterstown Road between Painters Mill and Garrison Forest Road. The best of the bunch though, is the Starbucks on Groffs Mill Drive in the Giant Plaza. It has some great little nooks for people watching, working on the laptop, or talking quietly with friends. An unobtrusive gift-shop, generously sized bathrooms, and a warm atmosphere will keep you coming back. And for those of you with laptops, the wi-fi is built right in.

New Town CafÃ?©. Just a few steps away from the Starbucks on Groffs Mill Drive is the New Town CafÃ?©. Specializing in breakfast foods, they have the freshest bagels in Owings Mills. They have limited hours, but they’re always bustling. You have to wait in line, cafeteria-style, but the wait staff is quick and efficient. Especially on weekends when everybody wants to find a window seat and settle in with a hot cup of coffee. The New Town CafÃ?© captures a lot more of the soul of Owings Mills than your average coffee shop.

Dunkin’ Donuts. If you like a simpler and cheaper coffee, but you want to get it from a trustworthy chain, Dunkin’ Donuts is the place to go for your morning Joe. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee isn’t anything fancy, but it’s reliable, comes in a handy travel cup with a protector for your fingers, and isn’t as likely to be laden down with the inevitable Starbucks calories that come with the whipped cream and the caramel sauces. Myself, I like my coffee to taste basically the same every time, so Dunkin’ Donuts and their no-nonsense service is something I appreciate. Besides, for the health conscious Owings Mills resident, you can grab a Latte lite, a low-calorie bagel with lite cream cheese, and be on your way through the drive-thru in no time.

Vaccaro’s Italian Pastry Shop. Located in the food court at the Owings Mills Mall, Vaccaro’s is a down home, ethnic, and richly satisfying place to get your coffee. Selling homemade cannoli, cakes, and tiramisu – it puts the sweets at Starbucks to shame. A special treat is the Cappuccino “Italiano” featuring frothed milk with a shot of espresso, served hot, iced, or frozen for $4.75. And if you’re good, they may even give you a free cookie. Vaccaro’s gives a little European sophistication to Owings Mills Americana, and it’s a welcome change of pace.

New Towne Diner. The New Towne diner has a sassy attitude and a novel-length menu, not to mention an amazing counter of baked goods right as you walk in the door. The diner is clean and roomy-an excellent place to bring a group of people. And it’s great to be able to eat breakfast any time of night or day. It’s the perfect place to meet someone for coffee; the service is friendly and the coffee comes in those heavy solid mugs, like any diner coffee should. Plus, the price can’t be beat.

Barnes & Nobles. There’s a big and beautiful Barnes & Nobles in the Woodholme Plaza up where Reisterstown Road meets I-695. Is there anything better than reading a good book while enjoying a rich, dark brew? Barnes & Nobles offers table-space, and sometimes readings and entertainment. It’s a great hang-out spot for all those who like a little intellectual stimulation along with our caffeinated stimulants. Plus, the cheesecake is to die for.

International House Of Pancakes. The local Owings Mills IHOP is not entirely typical. Run by an enterprising couple that offer unique specials like eggs and salami, it’s a great place to meet friends for a quiet cup of coffee. Again, the coffee itself isn’t fancy here, but the atmosphere is conducive to conversation and makes for a comfortable get-away during the work week.

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