Strategic Products to Beat Heating Costs and Save Energy This Winter

Many people want to cut heating costs and save energy this winter. Thankfully a lot of designers and engineers realize this and are working hard to bring new products to the market that accomplish both. The key to the products below is strategic heating and insulation. They use small amounts of energy to make a big difference.

It looks like a . . . square. The Eco-Heater is a wall-mounted convection heater that blends in with its surroundings. You can get it in different colors or even with a picture on the front. Fire hazard can be a concern with heaters, but with no exposed elements or areas for dust accumulation, the risk of fire is almost nil. The surface only reaches 155 degrees, a significantly lower temperature than other heaters. This is with kids’ and pets’ safety in mind. Still, the company says to use the product wisely and don’t leave kids or pets unattended with the heater.

The best selling point about this heater is its efficiency. Its low voltage means it costs less than about 4 cents an hour to operate, the equivalent of running four incandescent light bulbs. Because the Eco-heater doesn’t cost much to run, you can leave it on for longer. That’s what it’s designed for, rather than delivering an intense blast of heat. Customers say it’s great for taking the chill off a room.

The whistling air coming through the attic opening in your house can give you the shivers – not only to your body but to your pocket book! The attic tent is another way to save on heating costs and energy. It’s an insulating cover that is cleverly designed with a zipper so that you can open it when you want to access the attic. This product lets you insulate your attic while keeping it accessible – far better than throwing insulation over the opening in an act of desperation!

If you work at a desk job you might notice that typing keeps your fingers warm in the winter – if not, check out these fingerless gloves! It’s funny though, how when sitting at the desk the heat seems to drain from your feet. Cozytoes is a heating mat designed for under the desk. It runs on less energy than it costs to run a lightbulb. It’s intended to save money over heating the whole room while making you feel toasty.

By targeting specific areas, these products use strategy to keep your house warm and energy costs down. It’s a smart approach that we are likely to see more of from designers and engineers in 2009.

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