Study Shows that Saggy Breasts May Result from Regular Jogging

As many of you resolve to get more exercise, you may be unknowingly be causing undue harm to your breast area, which could result in saggy breasts.

Results from a study done by a research team at Portsmouth University were recently released and showed that many women are jogging their way to saggy breasts. The study looked at the rate at which a woman’s breasts bounce when jogging. It showed that when a woman runs a mile, her breasts bounce at about 135m.

The stress that jogging puts on the sensitive breast area can often result in temporary pain and stretching of the Cooper’s ligaments, which is the area of the chest containing the outer skin and connective tissues. Breasts do not have much internal support, which is why strain on them from activities such as jogging can cause saggy breasts.

The study gave some insight into why millions of women worldwide suffer from this uncomfortable, and sometimes embarrassing, condition. Its lead researcher, Dr. Joanne Scurr, said that the study illustrates the need for women to wear the proper equipment while exercising. “People rightly spend time and effort to get the right footwear for exercise and it is equally important to wear the correct sports bra,” she said. “Proper support for breasts will reduce the stretch to the Cooper’s ligament.”

Correcting saggy breasts is impossible without surgery, which may be why many women choose to live with it, rather than seek corrective action. However, some women see the option of cosmetic surgery as amore viable option that it has been in the past. This is because surgical breast procedures have become less invasive and the side and after effects have lessened and become easier to overcome.

The good news is that there are ways to combat the effect of jogging on your breasts before sagginess sets in. The study showed that bouncing was reduced by almost 40% by wearing a regular bra. However, bouncing was reduced by a whopping 78% when the proper sports bra was worn while jogging. There are a number of brands of sports bras available for women who jog. Many provide the extra support needed to avoid excessive bouncing of the breasts, which results in less stress and pain on your breasts. Shock Absorber, a firm that produces sports bras, sponsored the study.

Several other ways to continue to engage in exercises that cause your breasts to bounce, including jogging, without resulting in saggy breasts, include: limiting such activities to just a few times a week and making sure that you are aware of how you exercise affects your breasts. Chances are that if you are still having pain and discomfort, even when wearing a proper sports bra, then your breasts may be too heavy to jogging. If you fall in that category, brisk walking might be a better activity for you and your breasts.

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