How to Lose Weight for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is coming up in a few weeks time. And admit it. You’re freaked out. This is the most important day of a person’s life. It’s your day and all the eyes are on you. You have to look at your best. The dress, the makeup, the hair, everything! But these are the easy things what about that bulge? How do you hide that? Your Wedding day can be the biggest motivation you can get to lose that extra fat around your waistline. Well here are a few tips and tricks to help you get rid of your bulge before your big day.


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    Drinks lots and lots of water. Drinking water and watery fluids throughout the day will help to keep you filled up. And not so hungry all the time and drinking two glasses of water before meals or taking sips between bites will help you eat less as your stomach will be full.

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    Cut down on your serving size:

    Your serving size should be somewhat big enough that it satisfies your hunger but not so small that you get hungry again in an hour. Carry small snacks in your bag that you can munch on between meals whenever u get hungry. These snacks could be nuts, fruit or granola bars. These snacks are healthy, less in calories and keep your energy level high.

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    Stop snacking up on the high calorie fatty stuff and resort to fruits and vegetables. You will be invited to plenty of dinners and hangouts after marriage, save those calories for then. Increase the vegetable portion in your meals and eat fruit between meals whenever the hunger pangs start up.

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    Cut down on the alcohol:

    It’s your wedding and there are going to be plenty of wine sipping activities, leave those for the major stuff. Don’t take an extra 150 calories for every toast you get. Support yourself with a glass of water. Save the drinks for the special occasions coming up.

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    And the last thing without which all the tips and tricks are useless is exercise. Exercise every day, treat it as a appointment. Make it a part of your daily routine. If your busy and can’t do a forty minutes workout, do one for 15 minutes then. Be flexible, something is better than nothing. Exercise wherever you can. It’s your wedding, you must be busy doing something all the time but keep exercise in your mind. Do small things like take the stairs, do brisk walk during shopping. This small stuff works by keeping your energy level high and your calories burning.

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