Stump-Out is the Safe and Easy Way to Remove Tree Stumps

Most places that cut trees do not tend to the stump – that’s another huge expense on the homeowner, but not so if you purchase the reasonably priced Stump-Out. The formula contains granules which break down the stump, leaving you with a smooth and beautiful lawn. After it begins to break down the stump, all you have to worry about is scooping up the mulch and throwing it away.

Stump-Out is very inexpensive, costing about seven bucks to treat an 18″ diameter tree stump. Trees that were once huge, and have a very deep root system may require a second application. If you check with local businesses about the cost to have a stump removed, you’ll find that it’s very expensive, and leaves a giant hole in your yard.

Many people try to take on the task of stump removal by chopping at it endlessly, but this can take weeks – even months – and you’ll still likely have remnants of the stump. With Stump-Out you simple sprinkle the formula onto the stump and walk away. Within weeks the stump will be gone and grass will begin to grow in its place.

I first tried Stump-Out on a tree that fell. We cut the tree up and had it removed from the yard but a stump remained. The stump was fairly tall and it was a mistake to try Stump-Out on this particular stump. It did eat a hole through the top of the stump, but much of the stump remained.

Luckily I decided to have the stump cut lower and try again. We used a chainsaw to cut the stump closer to the ground then reapplied the Stump-Out. This time, we saw a major difference. The stump, after a few weeks, was reduced to nothing but mulch.

Some people have told me that chopping an “X” shape into the top of the stump makes the Stump-Out work even faster, but I haven’t tried that particular method yet. I do know that Stump-Out works, under the right conditions. It’s also non-toxic and will not harm vegetation surrounding the stump.

You can purchase Stump-Out and several different places; I ordered mine from the Walter Drake Catalog, which features many useful items for around the house, at reasonable prices. If you have a tree stump in your yard, don’t hesitate to purchase Stump-Out rather than paying a hundred bucks or more to have it removed. You’ll be satisfied with the results and your yard will thank you for it!

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