Superhero Sequels: Movies Crowded with Villains and the Wrong Plot

In this age of technology, superhero movies benefit greatly from the excellent computer graphics to create more of a sense that, say, Spider-Man really is swinging from building to building on the New York skyline. Without this superior advancement in computer graphics and other technology of the sort, we also would not be able to see Wolverine’s adamantium claws as flawless as we see them now. It is then a valid statement to say that improved special effects and technology has further improved the superhero genre.

There are hundreds of storylines that surround the superhero universe, so it is not difficult to create a franchise out of a character; a writer merely needs to look at the comic books for a story. These storylines have drawn millions of fans and have proved their worth and respect in the world of literature and pop culture. So why then are the writers of these movies screwing up (or in their minds, making creative changes) the stories when there is a perfectly good story sitting there on its own?
Apparently, a filmmaker cannot live with the fact that a perfect story is sitting there, waiting to be used. A filmmaker sees this particular storyline of a superhero and loves it, but wants to add a twist of his own, and maybe adds a character or another villain for optimal box office success. The filmmakers essentially just want to put their own name on the franchise but they are going about it all wrong.

The first case of this was Batman Forever and then Batman and Robin. In Batman Forever, Batman must fight both the Riddler and Two Face. It was a little crammed already with villains considering the high-price names of Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones but the filmmakers also introduced Robin. As for Batman and Robin, the filmmakers thoroughly destroyed the series with campy sets and terrible acting all around, not to mention a crammed cast that had Mr. Freeze, Bane, Poison Ivy, Batman, Robin, and Batgirl. Thankfully, the Batman series was restored when Batman Begins came out. I thank my lucky stars every day for the geniuses that brought dignity back to the nipple-less bat costume and intimidating creature of the night that is Batman.

It seemed that lessons were learned for years after the abominable Batman sequels, and all was well within the superhero universe. That is, until these superhero franchises started becoming popular again and the filmmakers could not help themselves but make “creative changes” that would translate into more dollar signs.

In X3: The Last Stand, the storyline was changed around. Rogue chooses to lose her powers for a boy? Please, the Rogue in the comics would never do such a thing; she had an attitude and did not put up with anyone. Wolverine makes his emotions for Jean Grey that evident? Everyone who knows the comics would know Wolverine would rather kill someone than let him/her know his true feelings, and although he does love Jean, he was never willing to be vulnerable about it. This still does not mention the influx of characters (the X-Men series is probably most notorious for adding a plethora of characters each movie), but there was a large one in X3 and it felt crowded.

Now, reports have come out about the possible villains in Spider-Man’s third big screen adventure and there are three names that are thinking of being usedâÂ?¦in the same movie. It seems the filmmakers have not learned their lesson; the addition of Venom, another Green Goblin, and Sandman will crowd that movie to the point of explosion and ultimately make it a piece of trash that one would wish for it to be burned out of one’s memory. Venom alone would make the PERFECT movie; please, if anyone is reading this and has access to a filmmaker, get that person to convince them Venom would be an amazing story! Alas, I am nothing but a fan and my weapon is writingâÂ?¦but what a knifelike weapon it appears to be against the gunfire of the movie industry.

Lastly, Superman Returns looks to be a decent movie, or at least it did. I got over the fact that Brandon Routh looks weaker than I do in that suit, but something I will NEVER get over is the fact that Lois Lane has a child without Superman. They are supposed to get married! I don’t care if Superman was in his fortress for years, Lois is supposed to marry Superman and not get frisky with another guy.

Nonetheless, as much as these plotlines make me want to throw up for days, I will still pay the money to see them. The special effects and the excitement of seeing a new superhero (or one that has been absent for years) on the big screen is too great to ignore. I’ll see all of these movies for sure, but I’ll always have my bone to pick with Hollywood.

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