The 5 Best Happy Hours in Philadelphia

Philly’s 5 Greatest Happy Hours

The City of Brotherly Love, is also a town with intense affection for alcohol. Philly isn’t an all-hour’s city like our neighbor to the north New York, nor do we have as many nocturnal sins and chances as the close-by Atlantic City. The 5th largest city in America prefers to party during happy hour, and every bar, pub, and dive boast some kind of special for the after work crowd. Here’s a careful review of the city’s best spots for two hours of liquid happiness:

The Khyber 58 South 2nd Street : Hand’s down the town’s best, and we dare it against anything on the East Coast. 1 dollar bottle beer from 6 to 8. Relaxed atmosphere, interesting crowd, enlightening music – it’s always memorable at the Khyber.

McGlinchey’s 259 S 15th Street : A good place to go to happy hour if you have had a bad week and just want to get drunk in semi-darkness, not be bothered, and feel better about yourself by looking at all the 35-year-old bike messengers. And if you can’t find a date, Ms Pac Man is always there looking to give love for just a quarter.

Good Dog 224 South 15th Street : Relatively cheap drinks and food; and good if it is just a couple of you, or you are meeting your girlfriend after work. Slightly more upscale then the first two, it’s less artificially trendy then other spots near Walnut. Several floors of fun include pool tables, dart boards, and classic video games.

Copabanana 344 South St. : Best happy hour/horny hour combo�. most likely score a girl/boy for the evening (if you are into that sort of thing), but it is definitely more pricey than your average happy hour. Mexican food specials are great, but watch mixing the tequila and nachos.

Dirty Frank’s 347 South 13th Street: A legendary dive bar that has been kicking since prohibition. It’s as dirty as it is friendly, but the glasses are clean – and that’s all you should care about. Don’t let the place fool you – many of the clientele bought and sold your soul before lunch. Where you go to if all other outlets are exhausted and you just want to watch a freak show. Enter burned-out from work, leave completely wrecked.

Don’t let this short list fool you – Philadelphia has plenty of sports bars, strip joints, dance clubs, and pool halls. But if your in our lovely city, and it’s around 5 PM – you’ll find the hip cat’s and hot ladies at the above spots.

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