The U.N. Should Be Renamed

Unless you believe the conspiracy theorists, the U.N. was never meant to be a one-world-government or a New World Order. It was originally allegedly meant to be a place where nations could meet for diplomatic talks, instead of going to war with each other.

But there is no unity as far as the “united” part goes. The organization doesn’t even represent the people of the world, it’s essentially only a meeting place for the coercive collectivist (“mob rule” comes to mind ) dictators and tyrants that rule so many nations. As such, these people represent only the political interests of those in power. For that reason it shouldn’t rightfully ever be a government of the whole planet, in fact it should never be allowed to be. It’s potentially the most dangerous organization to freedom – individual rights, on the face of the earth.

So what is the U.N. good for then? Well not much, so many of us freedom loving people would say. They have been utterly incapable of even solving problems in the world, with various bickering polarized factions only throwing words at each other and achieving nothing. They’ve been incapable of stopping the various genocides that have taken place on their watch, and we can only usually sit back appalled by the fact that these things continue to happen and the U.N. won’t do a thing.

They won’t even help stabilize Iraq now, so that the fledgling democracy there can have a chance to work, preferring that President Bush and the U.S. fail, and the region turns into a huge islamofascist caliphate terrorist training base with the goal of terrorizing and taking over the world.

When it came to the time that the U.S. and our allies had had enough of Saddam Hussein, the U.N. wanted to discuss it for a few more years. When North Korea threatens nuclear blackmail on the United States ( give us tens of billions in welfare to support our utterly failed communist totalitarian dictatorship or we’ll nuke you! ), the U.N. wants to discuss it for a few more years.

About the best that can be hoped for, are never ending discussions and sometimes resolutions to encourage or discourage things, but if things are to be seriously done, nations must act unilaterally or in coalitions outside of the U.N., because the U.N. is essentially good for nothing but talk.

Many of us who still hold out the hope of freedom for the world, think that it should be shut down, or perhaps moved to France and that the U.S. should end all funding and withdraw from it. It holds great potential danger and is essentially good for nothing. No redeeming value.

But at the very least, if our own coercive collectivist government refuses to withdraw from the U.N., the organization should be renamed to reflect the truth of what it stands for, and is good for. Talk.

Talk is the cheapest thing in the world, indeed talk is free. Anyone can talk about anything at any time, on a street corner or in their own home. And we all know that saying about opinions. Like that analogous body orfice, everyone has one.

So I think it’s time to rename the U.N., to “tell it like it is”, so that people will no longer hold out hope of it being anything more than a waste of New York City real estate and a great big building full of hot air that sucks up tax money like pouring it down a giant rat hole.

What about renaming the U.N. as the “Opining Nations”, the O.N., and then placing a plaque above the entrance, that says; “Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here”.

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