Why I Hope the GOP Nominates Condi Rice for President in 2008

I sincerely hope and pray that the Republicans nominate Condi Rice for President in 2008. I can’t think of any other person better suited for the nomination. If the day comes when I hear on the news that Rice has won the primary that will put her over the top for the nomination, I will get my first good night’s sleep in years. Please, please, please Republican Party: nominate Condi Rice for President!

I probably shouldn’t be writing this, but I know this little article will be far less dangerous than what the Democrats will probably do to queer the deal. If the Dems had any sense whatever politically-and it’s obvious they don’t-they’d do every underhanded Karl Rove-like sneaky thing they can do to make sure Rice gets the nomination. It’s like back in 2004 when Karl Rove got exactly the one candidate he wanted to run Bush against. Remember that infamous little line of Rove when he said of Howard Dean, following one of Dean’s patented emotional outbursts: “That’s the guy we want.” The Democrats heard and, in all their political genius, took him at his word. Apparently, the Dems are unfamiliar with reverse psychology. If there was one guy that Rove didn’t want to run against it was Dean: He was outspoken, he didn’t have the fatal error on his record of voting for Bush’s illegal terrorist invasion of Iraq and he’s not a wimp willing to be pushed around.

On the other hand, John Kerry was the perfect candidate for Bush to run against. He has, if possible, even less charisma than Bush and he was on record for voting for the Iraq quagmire. And he was the one candidate whom a skilled liar-I mean political operative-could turn into something that made Bush’s “military record” look not so bad. After all, there are a lot of people in this country far more offended by a guy who goes to war and then comes home and throws his medals away than are offended by a guy who got his daddums to pull strings to get him out of war. Apparently, there are even people who consider fighting and then turning against the war you fought in worse than going AWOL from the cushy job your daddums got you so that you wouldn’t have to actually fight for the principles you espouse so loudly.

The Dems could learn a lot from Rove. They really must do everything possible to make all the other potential GOP candidates look as bad as possible; not that that’s a hard thing to do. Even that so-called maverick John McCain is on record for going along with Bush every step of the way on his mad invasion of Iraq. Maverick? Ass-kisser is more apt.

So why should the Dems want to run again Condi Rice? Oh, so many reasons. In the first place, I live in one of the most solidly conservative places in America. How conservative? In 1972 Nixon was too liberal for this county, so they voted for George Wallace. I kid you not. At any rate, I live in a very conservative place and I know for a fact that an enormous amount of NASCAR conservatives will never vote for Condi Rice for two reasons: She’s black and she’sâÂ?¦African-American. Oh yeah, and she’s also a woman. So the deep South voter with a little number 3 sticker on his pickup truck in memory of that great American Dale “Get Out of My Way Before I Send You Into a Wall and Paralyze You” Earnhardt won’t be voting for her and if you think that represents a fraction of the population, then you’ve obviously never been near the South.

The best reason for nominated Condi, however, is that it would be like running against Bush for a third time. A vote for Condi would be a vote for Bush. After all, this woman has been by Bush’s side from day one. She is a major architect of the disaster that is Iraq. She was down there in Crawford during the planning stages-even when the Secretary of State of the United States Colin Powell wasn’t there. Condi probably bears more responsibility for the Iraq quagmire than Bush himself because, well, she should have known better. Condi is smart; George not so much. We know George has no connection with reality, but Condi appears to be living in the here and now.

In order to win against Condi, the Dems don’t even need to spend money actually making commercials. All they need do is ransack the thousands of hours of video showing Condi Rice standing right next to Mr. 35% during the eights years that Bush drove America right into the ground.

God, how I hope Condi Rice is the GOP nominee for President.

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