Surprise! Jack Abramoff Visited the White House More Often Than Pres. Liar Admitted

On Friday, the Secret Service revealed – no doubt against their most fervent wishes – that convicted felon and overall scumbag Jack Abramoff, actually made trips to the Bush White House at least four more times than has been admitted so far. Abramoff is the central figure in the biggest corruption scandal to hit Congress in many a moon, with the bulk of his underhanded and illegal dealings coming with GOP lawmakers. The same party who swept into power among promises to clean up the corruption in Washington, remember.

At first Pres. Bush denied knowing who Abramoff was. Then when that lie was revealed, he denied that Abramoff had ever been to the White House. Then what that lie was revealed, he said he’d only been there once as part of a group of large people.

Guess what? That was a lie, too. Hey, why break with tradition, right?

It seems that Abramoff has visited the White House about often as the President’s father, former President George H.W. Bush. The total number of times this particular convicted felon has been inside the White House now stands at a pretty gaudy seven, but that number will no doubt rise once legal entanglements prevent the President from hiding behind executive power in order to hide the truth.

The latest revelation that convicted felon Jack Abramoff had easy access to the Bush White House also reveals that one of his meetings was with a domestic policy aide to Vice Pres. Dick Cheney.

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