Surviving Snowstorms and Blizzards: Supply List Must Haves

Winter weather brings family together with snow-ball fights, igloos, and sledding. Hats and mittens are required as well as a toasty family truckster to drive to the closest ski lodge. Life seems happy and wintery-rosy until all hell breaks loose.

Weather is never exact which means preparing for the worst despite the forecast. If you live in a state that has unpredictable weather extremes, it is wise to stock up on the essentials.

Blizzards, snowstorms, and ice-storms can be devastating, not only for our cities but for our own survival. Two words: stock up. It can mean life or death in case of severe weather.

Supplies you need to have NOW:


No, not the fancy tea-lights or smelly candles; you need emergency candles. It’s important that your candles have 100 hours of life as well as a stable base for safety.


Invest in rechargeable batteries as well as the everyday kind. They are needed for flashlights, radios, and medical devices.

Medication and first-aid kit

It is extremely important to have extra medication on hand; prescription as well as over-the-counter. Inhalers, epi-pens, nitroglycerin tablets, and insulin are just some of the life-saving medications needed in case of bad road conditions. A first-aid kit is imperative in case of injuries.

Radio and cell-phone

A radio, whether it be a mobile hand-crank or a boom-box, is more than important; it is a link to the outside world. In case of electricity loss, a cell-phone charger for the car can be a life-saver.


Always keep five blankets on hand for emergencies. They don’t have to be fancy, they have to be warm. Mink blankets are perfect emergency warmth.


A mainstay for anyone lucky enough to have a fireplace is a few ricks of firewood. Keep it dry and out of wet conditions so that you’ll have immediate warmth on hand. Don’t forget newspaper, matches and kindling to get the sparks going.

Thermal underwear

Keep a pair of thermals on hand for each member of your family to sleep in or wear under street clothes.


A gas or propane powered generator is a must have if you are in an area prone to excessive snow and ice. If it is normal for a storm to cause an electricity outage for more than a week, a generator is a wise investment.

Non-perishable food

Stocking up on food staples is of utmost importance. An ice-chest is another must have to hold refrigerated items that will spoil.

There is never a better time than now to invest in provisions that will protect you when winter is at its worst. Once you’ve lived through a terrible storm, you will always keep needed items on hand…just in case.

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