Survivor Exile Island

Once the survivors returned from Tribal Council Cirie and Terry got into an argument over the way Cirie threw her torch down. Apparently when Cirie threw her torch down it rubbed Terry the wrong way.

“Who dropped their thing right in the middle of the way,” Terry asked referring to the torch.

“I did. Right there, I put it there,” Cirie confessed.

“Is this where it goes?” Terry scolded.

“I didn’t know it had a specific place,” Cirie answered.

“You’d be slapping your kids around if they dropped their stuffâÂ?¦”

“I don’t slap my kids around,” Cirie corrected.

“Verbally then,” Terry finished.

I expected Terry was in a grumpy mood, because once they all sat down he continued to jump Cirie about the torch.

“You knowed I was right behind you. That’s whyâÂ?¦”

“Terry, I can’t see, I wasn’t looking for you, so I don’t know where you want my torch to be.”

“Well God, this just looks like one of my kids. It’s like dropping stuff in front.”

“But I’m not like one of your kids. I’m not like one of your kids.”

“Your not! Your not! And that’s why I expected a little bit more. Make an attempt to throw it out of the wayâÂ?¦”

“I don’t care what you expect. I expect more out of youâÂ?¦”

“Make an attempt to throw the torch out of the way.”

“Make an attempt to talk to people like you want to be talked to.”

“I tell you what. Then the least you could have said was I’m sorry I dropped it right in front of you.”

“I didn’t know you were right behind me. I don’t have to say that. What are you talking about?”

“It was right where I would be walking.”

“Well sorry ‘King Terry,’ that this torch was right where you were walking.”

“Alright Cirie, don’t get so upset.”

“Don’t ruin our night tonight Terry, alright. Don’t do that. Don’t come into the final four territory and ruin it for everyone else,” Aras interrupted waving his arms back and forth.

Terry was pretty much speechless, and he just shook his head.

Aras continued by saying, “Terry, you yelled at Cirie for putting her stake where she wanted to put it as a 35-year-old grown woman, and then you started arguingâÂ?¦”
“It was right in front of me – where I was walking,” Terry defended himself.

Eventually Terry went to bed. I think that’s what Terry really needed at that point – some sleep.

Once Terry, Cirie, Danielle and Aras’ arrived at the Reward Challenge, Jeff explained that they would each be attached to ropes by one of two carabiners. Using the two carabiners they clipped and unclipped from one rope to another. Then, after clipping and unclipping, they had to navigate around each other along a main thoroughfare that led to six stations: poles, hermit crabs, rocks, iguanas, shells and fish. Each time a survivor arrived at a station they had to count the number of items. After counting the items, they raced back to the starting point. At the starting point they had to find a tile with the same number of items on it. After they visited all six stations, they had all six numbers. Their final step was to place all six numbers into an answer grid, and from there they used the combinations from two numbers in each column to open a lock. If their lock didn’t open it meant they counted wrong, and in that case the survivor could return to a station, recount and correct their mistakes. The first person who opened all three locks caused their tribal flag to drop, and the first person that dropped their tribal flag won the Reward Challenge.

The reward was one worth playing for. The winner got to take a tour of the Panama Canal, and the tour was given to the winner from a luxury 100 foot yacht. In addition to the tour, the winner also received a five course meal with an open bar, and to top it off the winner also got to stay overnight aboard the 100 foot yacht. The losers, well, they were sent to Exile Island.

Despite Terry and Aras’ little quarrel during the Reward Challenge, Aras still managed to win the challenge, and he got to choose one person to go with him on his reward. Aras chose for Cirie to join him, and Danielle and Terry were the unlucky ones sent to Exile Island. Of course the choices Aras made were no surprise to me, because Terry was pretty much an outcast, Danielle wasn’t very well liked and Cirie was usually always chosen to go with the winners.

Terry might have won the Reward Challenge if it hadn’t been for a misunderstanding. Terry thought you could only get one look at the stations, but toward the end he learned that you could take multiple looks after the first pass, and that’s exactly what Aras had been doing. After the challenge ended and Aras was declared the winner, Terry wanted to make sure he misunderstood so he asked Jeff about the rules. While Terry was trying to talk to Jeff, Aras interrupted and asked Terry if that was what he was going to do every time he lost a challenge. Aras also told Terry that every time he didn’t win something he complained about it. I had no idea what point Aras tried to make, because that was pretty much the first time I think Terry had lost, and I never recall Terry complaining about any challenges he done in the past.

While Aras and Cirie toured the Panama Canal, Cirie really loved being on the yacht. She was amazed at how big the yacht was, and she said she never thought she’d ever be on a yacht. Cirie was really experiencing a lot of things for the very first time, and I got the impression that she enjoyed all of it. And Aras, well he enjoyed the fact that he had beaten Terry at a challenge.

Back at Exile Island, Terry and Danielle formed an alliance again. I said again because Terry tried to make an alliance with Danielle once before and she betrayed him. However, this time Danielle said this was the right time to align herself with Terry, but I guess we’ll just have to see if she kept her word this time around. I’ve learned from watching the show that you can’t trust anything Danielle says.

Back on the yacht, Aras and Cirie enjoyed every minute of the reward, but they too had formed an alliance together, and I must say if I had to form an alliance with someone Cirie would have been my first choice too. I truly believe Cirie can be trusted. As a matter of fact, Cirie proved herself by remaining true to her alliance with the former Casaya tribe.

When Aras and Cirie returned to camp, Aras decided to take a nap. While Aras slept, Cirie decided she wanted to try and make fire since she had never made fire before. It took a little time, but Cirie managed to start a fire and surprised Aras. Of course I had no doubt; I knew Cirie could do it if she tried. You can do anything if you try hard enough.

It came time for another Immunity Challenge. Did Terry continue his winning streak?

After Jeff explained the challenge, the final four survivors began their race for individual Immunity. Aras found his bag of puzzle pieces in the sand first, but it wasn’t long until the others found theirs and caught up to him. However, Aras continued his lead when he solved his first puzzle. Once Aras solved his first puzzle he gained the coordinates to help him find his second bag of puzzle pieces. Terry trailed Aras through the entire Immunity Challenge, but he wasn’t fast enough, because Aras became the first survivor to defeat Terry. Of course Terry still made it to the final three, because he still had the hidden Immunity Idol.

Terry knew this was the last night he would be able to use his hidden Immunity Idol, and because Danielle felt more threatened by the vote than Terry she tried her best to get Terry to give her the Immunity Idol to save herself. The whole time she pleaded for Terry to give her the Idol I sat there and said don’t do it Terry. I mean Danielle had betrayed Terry twice already, why should he trust her again? I saw no reason for Terry to trust Danielle.

When Tribal Council rolled around it turned out that Terry kept the Immunity Idol and didn’t need to use it, because Danielle and Cirie ended up in a tie vote. The tie breaker involved making fire, and both Danielle and Cirie were showed how to make fire before Tribal Council. Of course Danielle still thought she had the advantage over Cirie, because Danielle was under the impression that Cirie had not made fire at all.

Who will be the first to make fire? Find out Sunday at 7:00p.m. (CST). Yes, that’s right, I said Sunday. The final episode of Survivor will air Sunday night instead of next Thursday. So not only we will find out who will become the final three, but we’ll also discover who will win the million dollar prize?

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