Sweet Leaf Plant – A Natural Sweetner

Sweet Leaf Plant, also known as Stevia rebaudiana, is one of the newer exotic houseplants available today. This culinary herb, with its leaves that are readily accepted as a natural sweetener, is an evergreen houseplant native to Paraguay and other countries. Although this natural sweetener has been so readily accepted in many countries, is not readily available for consumption in the United States, but the plant is becoming more popular. With its white, star-shaped flowers and soft-minty green leaves, this plant is easy to grow, especially if you have a sunny window available. Trying it could prove beneficial as you may discover that you have a new favorite houseplant that is just a little different from the common houseplants.

Care for the Sweet Leaf Plant is not that different from any other houseplant. With this in mind, do not let the fact that this plant is located in the same category as other Exotic Houseplants scare you off from adding it to your indoor garden. Care for this exotic houseplant includes lots of sunlight, soil that is coarse and textured, such as sandy soil and watered when the surface of the soil becomes dry, without soaking the roots. Sweet Leaf Plant also needs feeding every other week with a mild liquid houseplant fertilizer. If these few requirements are met, then the Sweet Leaf Plant will grow and prosper and may even sweeten your next cup of coffee or tea.

Anyone trying to grow Sweet Leaf Plants should also know that pruning it regularly keeps it full instead of becoming leggy and unruly. This exotic plant is also relatively disease free and insect free. The only problem that one may have with this plant is if it is set outside, is appears to attract slugs. Propagating of this exotic plant is accomplished many ways, such as sowing seeds, root division or stem layering. Knowing what extra attention a plant needs can always prove beneficial to the outcome and the Sweet Leaf Plant is no exception. Knowing these few extra tricks to keeping them healthy and happy will prove to be very beneficial in the end.

Even though this exotic houseplant is an herb, using it may require some researching. As with anything unknown, it is best to do the research before actually using it. There are many websites located on the internet that will aid you in your quest for information pertaining to using this natural sweetener the correct way. There is also tons of information regarding the benefits of using this natural sweetener. So, if you are interested in growing this exotic houseplant as an herb and actually using it, better do the research.

If you are a person who loves sharing your home with houseplants, keep exotic houseplants, such as the Sweet Leaf Plant in mind. These plants can be easy to grow and enjoy with just a little extra attention and the benefits can be great. Who knows, the next time you enjoy a cup or coffee or a glass of ice tea, the sweetener you use in it may come from your own Sweet Leaf Plant.

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