Swiffer Sweepers Truly Help in the Home

I never in my life thought that I would find myself using some gimmicky product that was suppose to make housekeeping easier. However, with a little nudge from a ‘try it free coupon’ I did buy the Swiffer sweeper. First, I gave the dry and wet cloths a try. It wasn’t the price of the cloths that made me hesitate; it was the idea that I would actually ‘like’ this product. Somehow, ‘easier in the housekeeping department’ didn’t exactly seem to make sense. Much to my surprise I loved the Swiffer Sweeper.

It is the perfect invention for the care of linoleum and vinyl tile floors. The dry cloths pick up the dust that a broom often misses and the wet cloths clean the floors without putting too much moisture on it. The design of the sweeper makes it easy for anyone including your capable son or daughter to use. It glides across the floor surface well and covers the areas you are going to clean completely. After you are finished with the floors, you have the feeling that they are clean. If you run a dry cloth over the floor before you use the wet cloth, you can achieve a nice looking floor without any streaking and with a nice shine. I was delighted with the results of my Swiffer Experience.

The purchase of my Swiffer Sweeper and the dry cloths led me to try new avenues of cleaning. Now Swiffer has put out a duster. I am, however, using the dry cloths for the same purpose. They work well. If the duster works as well as the dry cloths, then I would say that they have another winner. You can use the dry cloths on any surface to pick up dust and easily discard the used dirty product. The idea is: getting rid of the dirt and eliminating the overuse of a dust cloth! With the conventional way of dusting, not only are you sending dust particles into the air, you are also spreading dust into other areas of the house. As a person with allergies, I can attest: the traditional way of dusting can leave you a sneezing mess. With the dry cloths, you can easily capture and toss the offending dust particles.

I would definitely recommend purchasing the Swiffer Sweeper for your home. It can make your housekeeping a little easier and is a sanitary way to captures the dust. Your home will stay dust free and hypoallergenic. As easy as it is to use, and as reasonable as it is to buy, you shouldn’t deny yourself the purchase of the Swiffer Sweeper. There is no gimmick to this product; it really does help in the housekeeping routine.

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