Swimming Pool Care

Those who love having swimming pools see this addition to their property as a great advantage. The heat of a hot summer day can be broken through with one swift dive into the clear waters. Many reports have indicated for years that the pool does little to increase the value of the home. Instead, it now is sometimes seen as a detriment in trying to sell a house. That might seem an oddity to those who absolutely love to be in the pool.

However, it usually goes much deeper than just the fact of having a pool. While there is no denying that swimming pools do come with fun, parties, and cool relaxation, there is one other facet of pool ownership. It is the maintenance. It is one of the scariest aspects to potential home buyers when they see the swimming pool. Thoughts immediately begin to run through their heads as to the amount of work, the cost, and wonder of how to keep the water from turning green.

The truth is that maintaining a swimming pool can be time consuming and a little tricky. You might have to learn about salt systems, chlorine systems, pH levels, algae, muriatic acid, etc. Many pool owners simply elect to pay a pool service to handle the job. The service will usually come weekly to treat the pool with the necessary chemicals and do a quick cleaning and check of the pump and filter system. The price can vary from as little as $50-$200 a month depending on the provider. Added to that expense is the ever present need to put money back each month to prepare for unforeseen issues and repairs. I know a homeowner who was hit with a bill for $2800 one month. The repairs had to be made if the pool was to stay in operating order and to prevent other major problems. Just these thoughts, without much support knowledge at all, can scare potential buyers away from houses with pools.

Thankfully, there is a bright and promising side to this issue of pool care and maintenance. A very adequate and complete job of caring for and maintaining a swimming pool can be performed by the homeowner. Like most things there is a learning curve but none of the necessary knowledge is too challenging. Basically, any homeowner can learn the basics of the job and the in and out’s to accomplish the task.

The first step is to begin reading material on swimming pools. The internet is a fantastic place to begin and it has an endless supply of knowledgeable experts and reading material. You should also visit a pool supply store in your general area to discuss pool knowledge with them. The weather in your specific locale will matter to your pool care and they will be upfront and honest with you early on even though they will also be trying to earn your business.

Next, you might consider having a pool company to your house to give you a lesson. Many companies provide a Pool School where they will take a look at your pool, teach you some of the basics, and instruct you on the few steps of regular maintenance. Generally speaking, this step will usually need to be repeated in order to gain a firm grasp on just what is required to keep your pool in top shape for you and your family to enjoy. One thing to remember is that the Pool School is not free. There is a customary fee that is equal to a house call for a plumber.

Once you have obtained a decent beginner’s knowledge of what is expected and the “how-to” of doing the work, you need to get serious about the time involved. The mistake made most often by beginning pool owners is that of underestimating the time needed. Letting two or three weeks go by at the wrong time in the year can have you quickly staring at a pool full of dark green water. Set aside one hour each week when you will be handling the weekly cleaning and checking of pool chemicals. As a routine is established, the regular maintenance of the pool will become second nature and save you money monthly.

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