Swing Your Love Romance Charms

They say that love romance charms possess the power to fascinate one another. These charms could be objects suggestive of love goddesses, plants and animals believed to have power and potency. Love romance charms are said to create spells- based on one of the most ancient and widespread human beliefs.

It was only during the era of Egyptian pharaohs that ostentatious jewelry like love bracelets first came into being.
People in those days had a very little life span so they believed in a luxurious life after death.
They took along with them all their precious possessions including the charm bracelets which acted as a symbol of protection and a safe journey to heaven.

According to history charm bracelets worn by Queen Victoria triggered a new fashion trend among the cr�¨me de la cr�¨me of European society.

During this time the love bracelets went beyond their practical use into becoming full fledged fashion jewelry. Tiny bracelets dangling with glass beads, lockets and family crests were a fad those days.

The end of World War two added a sentimental value to the love romance charms. Soldiers returning from their battles carried home hand crafted trinkets for their sweethearts.

Love romance charms caught up the fever in during the 1950’s and they became the most fancied item of every woman in the neighborhood.

Charm bracelets began to lose their charm in the 1970’s when they were replaced by plain gold chains but its craze revived during the 80’s and the 90’s when a burgeoning demand for love charms swept off the nation.

In the year 2001 a new wave of Italian romance charms appeared in which the charms are attached to the bracelets instead of dangling.

Today love charms are embellished by magnificent labels like Louis Vuitton and Choppard besides they are available to one and all in cheesy prices.

Culture apart, today love romance charms are moreover a symbol of pop culture and a mode of expressing oneself than being tagged on with some hypothetical concept.

Enter into the world of tinkling itsy-bitsy love romance charms.

Apart from gold and sterling silver love romance charms made of crystal, opal, diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby are also common
An elegantly charming sequin fresh water pearl bracelet interspersed with Swarovski crystals is enough to move your lover’s heart.

A true symbol of eternal love is a joining hearts sterling silver love charm, tingling with freshness, will certainly bring her in your arms.

Or an authentic Celtic eternity love romance charm with infinity knots is the perfect choice to express love.
A unique Key to My Heart Bracelet designed from intricately woven sterling-silver mesh with a padlock lock and key charm is simply mind-blowing

A priceless gift for lovers, these magnificent love romance charms create a spell not only in the eyes of the lover but the buyer’s as well.

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