“Christmas halftime”
Is what my brother said.
Between Halloween and Christmas
Thanksgiving’s almost dead.

A rest stop on the way to consumer heaven.

We load up on calories
Decorate the tree, string the lights
Prepare for retail parking lot fights
Millions hit the malls
Sweat pants and tights

Do we slow down, give thanks?
We talk so noble and pure
But we’re shooting blanks
Black Friday drains the accounts
In our banks.

No nostalgia, family, cozy nights by the fire
Instead we seek deals
On the hippest attire
To consumerist heights we must aspire.

Shopping and football
Priced delights to be had by all
A toll to proceed to winter from fall
Checkpoint on the annual toll road.

We went out last night
Hypocritical liberals, we felt irony’s bite
Got to Wal-Mart and had such a fright
Shopping frenzy – what a sight!
We knew we had to set ourselves right.

So next year we’re bringing Thanksgiving back
We’ll go to a feast from a pre-shopping snack
Genuine soul doctoring, not a quack
Of family and friends there will be no lack.

A big soiree it will be
Yams, cranberry, roast turkey
Joys retro, practically old-timey
Bringing smiles to you and me 🙂

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