Have you ever wondered what the heck an advocate does. I always wondered why they fought so hard for things that I just thought were silly. The time and energy expended, when there had to be better things to do. Don’t these people have lives? What in the world are they thinking about? These were my thoughts once – but then that changed. I was 29 when I had my 2nd child and little did I know that I was soon going to learn what drove those people to advocacy.

We all have advocated for something in our life. And for us, at that moment in time, whatever the reason, it was the most important thing to us. As children, we may have wanted more time on the playground, better lunches, more toys. As teenagers; better gym equipment, more dances, better teachers. And as adults, we advocate for EVERYTHING. Protect the environment! Animal rights! Human rights! Save the Whales! Stop Abortion! We have all seen these and continue to see different ones everyday. We all have our own opinions if it is worth it or not. So what does motivate these people?

People advocate for different reasons. Could be religious, for a challenge, and for some it is just plain personal. For me it was personal. I now know what it feels like to have a passion for something sooooo strong that it is impossible to ignore. My son has several different disorders that at age 9 now, they are still trying to figure out exactly what. Bi-Polar, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, epilepsy , this is just to name a few. He also has hemophilia, which is a bleeding disorder. Now you can imagine with all this STUFF, why I had to learn quick how to be an advocate. I never knew that I was going to fight for every moment of his life – to make it better for him – for his future.

I think that you have a different feel as an advocate when you have something so personal to fight for. You can be motivated and have passion for what you are fighting for, but until its personal – you will never know the internal burning that drives you . This internal burning is what made me THE ADVOCATE. I have had and continue to advocate for all the services that I feel will make my sons life better. When you realize there are services out there, but are out of reach, you get MAD and then you want to FIX IT. That is what’s important to be an advocate. You have to let a little rage take hold, enough that you can control. This is what makes that drive stronger and more intense. This is what makes you work harder for your cause.

I was made to be an advocate, not by choice, but out of necessity for my child’s future and it’s the best thing that has happened to me. I never used to speak up, I just went with what was. I now am able to stand before those important people and speak eloquently about changes that need to be made. And I now know why those people fight for what they believe in. The strength that it has given me is more than I could have ever thought I could have. It’s important for everyone to have a “cause”. The fact is, whatever the cause, if it is important to you, then you will find it within yourself to be THE ADVOCATE.

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