TLC’s Honey We’re Killing the Kids! is Life Changing for Viewers and Participants

Honey We’re Killing the Kids! is TLC’s fabulous new hit series about the obesity epidemic in today’s children. In an attempt to educate parents and open their eyes to what is happening to their children. Honey We’re Killing the Kids! presents parents with a look into what their children may possibly look like a few decades down the road.

Nutrition expert Dr. Lisa Hark is the driving force behind Honey We’re Killing the Kids! She begins each show by studying the family’s eating habits. No secrets can be kept from her. After an initial interview the parents are taken to a dramatic stage that is designed to look like some kind of forbidding warehouse. They are lectured by Dr. Hark and the cool computer photo imaging and aging process begins. This is definitely the highlight of Honey We’re Killing the Kids! and the main reason that most people watch. Who wouldn’t want to see what they might look like at forty? This is also the part where the parents usually begin to show concern, cry, and generally realize what all the junk food they have been feeding the kids has been doing. This is when the parents realize why they are truly meant to be on Honey We’re Killing the Kids! The results are always startling and it is hard to look away from the television screen.

After the initial shock factor has worn off Dr. Hark visits the family in their home and begins a series of rules that last over a period of three weeks. These rules are meant to encourage a somewhat gradual lifestyle change that should help to change the entire family’s eating habits. Rules can be something as simple as the family should eat every meal together. This seems simple to most people, but you would be surprised. Other rules include participating in group activities and exercising allotted times a day. New recipes are inserted in the family diet and evil deep fried and fatty foods are eliminated. Some families look like it is the first time they have seen a vegetable or tofu. Once the initial shock has worn off of the new menu though most of the families seem to feel better, smile more, and generally appear healthier. It is especially rewarding to see how happy the children become. They appear to be proud of their hard work and you really believe they might continue this healthier lifestyle.

Once the three weeks is over Honey We’re Killing the Kids! rewards the parents with a final visit with Dr. Hark. A new computer simulation of each child is presented to the family. If the children continue to follow their new healthy way of life they can see what they might have to look forward to. Overall Honey We’re Killing the Kids! is an inspirational new show that is both motivating and captivating. It also has mass appeal to the American audience. I find myself glued to it every time I flip by it.

Honey We’re Killing the Kids! is on every Friday on TLC at 9:00pm ET. You can also check them out online at They provide a list of life lessons that are presented on the television show as well.

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