TOP TEN Most Overrated Celebrities..

The media is crammed with glossy images of celebrities of all kinds. Their images are plastered upon the pages of both tabloid rags, and legitimate publications. Their life stories are made into movies. Their personal lives are picked apart in talk shows. And ironically, the ones who proclaim the loudest -to want the most privacy, are the ones whose faces the public sees most often. Therefore, it’s natural to wonder why certain celebs seem to be in the public eye at ALL times, while others (especially the ones we WANT to see) seem to fly miles below the radar. There are dozens and dozens of celebrities who the public views as “Overrated”. Unfortunately, this article focuses only on the Top Ten. And The Nominees Are…

10- LINDSAY LOHAN– Since the “Herbie” days, this young lady has graced tons and tons of tabloid covers. Why the world is sublimely interested in the love life of a teenager is an absolute mystery. La Lohan has been quoted as saying that she’s more “mature than most girls her age.” But sharing close proximity with adults 90% of the time, does not maturity make. Her recent reprimands regarding her excessive partying and lackadaisical attitude towards work have garnered her a poor reputation in the A-list AND B-list communities. And with her brand of pop music melting into the sea of wannabes, it’s a sure bet that someone at Elle and Vanity Fair is being paid under the table to plop her on so many of their covers.

9 – PARIS HILTON– Where there is a Lohan, there is a Hilton not too far behind, be it a hotel, or a hotel heiress. Paris Hilton is indisputably one of THE most overrated celebrities in Hollywood to date. An heiress to the massive Hilton hotel fortune, Paris has declared that her personal success is entirely due to her own “hard work”. This may in part be true. But her celeb status has been validated by a much publicized raunchy sex tape. While she is not the only famous person to have his/her sexual exploits unfolded for the world to see, Paris is indeed one of those persons who unnecessarily parlays sex appeal into a brand. Who is actually buying that “brand” remains to be seen.

8 – BRITNEY SPEARS– Poor Mrs. Federline. She’s been attacked time and time again in the media for the past year and a half. And just when it appears that Brit has everything under control, she goes and undoes that theory by doing something even more “kooky” and unexplainable (i.e. the horrid Matt Lauer interview). Beginning with her chameleon-like religious beliefs, the infamous Madonna kiss, and the mini baby-disasters, Britney Spears has endured the extreme scrutiny of an unforgiving public. The question to be asked here is, why does anyone care?

7 – EVA LONGORIA – Is it just me, or does it seem that Eva is adorning too many magazine covers these days? Undoubtedly, her rise to fame is almost solely due to the wildly popular television series, “Desperate Housewives”. But does not anyone recall her wicked days as “Isabella” on CBS network’s “The Young & the Restless”? (It really was not that long ago-and not that much different a role.) And furthermore, her incessant gushing over San Antonio Spur (and beau), Tony Parker is tantamount to the cheerleader who just got asked to the prom by the captain of the football team. But apparently, America just isn’t sick of her yet.

6 – CAMERON DIAZ – Sure, this young lady has a LOT of movies under her belt. Some are even good. But for some reason, men are still drooling over this rather lanky woman, who hasn’t really made much of an impression in the cinematic world. Known for her California Surfer-Girl looks, there doesn’t seem to be much going on behind those big baby blues. Her best movie roles are those which paint her out to be a clingy, self-absorbed, over-indulgent twit. Enough said.

5 – JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE– N’Sync. Remember those guys? I’m sure Justin wishes he didn’t. It’s no secret that Justin was always the hottest N’Sync member. (Lance Bass sold separately.) But with the release of his solo albums, and the [gasp] infamous Super Bowl incident, Justin seems to be trying desperately to make a name for himself. Undeniably, the young man’s got good vocal pipes and killer moves. But guess what? Michael Jackson did all of that stuff first (when he was black of course).

4 – JESSICA ALBA – She was voted “Sexiest Body” for her little stint in the comic action-thriller “Sin City”. But the true sin is the fact that she was voted “Sexiest Body”, because for some reason, her figure still appears to be going through that “pre-pubescent girl-thing”. Though the B-List actress is rarely ever considered for roles more serious than her renowned “Dark Angel” character, little Jessica keeps popping up on various celebrity Who’s-Who lists. (Remember Dark Angel? Don’t worry. No one else does either.)

3 – JENNIFER LOPEZ– J-Lo. Jenny From the Block. Diddy’s Ex. One half of the original “Bennifer”. Fly-Girl. Whatever her moniker is for the moment, we all know her as Jennifer Lopez. She is the Ultimate Runaway Bride, one time hip-hop femme fatale, and now Actress/Singer/Businesswoman blah blah blahâÂ?¦ Her name is embossed across the backs of jeans, perfume bottles, and God knows whatever is next. The question here is: why? Surely, her fame cannot be exclusively due to the curvy posterior that draws so much attention. Black women in the media and out, have been blessed with derriÃ?¨res just as round and curvy, if not more. Perhaps it is America’s ultimate acceptance of J-Lo as a “woman of color” that makes her status that much more appealing, while actresses like Salma Hayek are often overlooked for their true talent. Whatever Jennifer’s secret is, it’s working. Because the world seems infinitely fascinated with what she does and where she does it.

2 – TOM CRUISE– All Couch-Jumping jokes aside; this man has been famous for “too little” for “too long.” Many of his die-hard fans were not even old enough to remember his “Risky Business” routine, or even his gawky chipped-tooth appearance in the 1983 classic novel remake, “The Outsiders.” Certainly, Tom is a blockbuster A-List star. But for some reason, his cinematic resume boasts films that are more compelling than his actual acting ability. And oddly enough, no one ever mentions this. Instead, the media continues prying into this “heartthrob’s” personal life, as if the birth of a child has never before occurred in Hollywood. The sad truth is that Tom Cruise will continue being a sought-after celebrity, until Hollywood finds another less talented celebrity to become obsessed with.


1 – JENNIFER ANISTON– During most of the 1990’s, many women showed up at their offices sporting a popular haircut, dubbed “The Rachel.” This bouncy style was patterned after the well-known character on the hit NBC sitcom, “Friends.” Jennifer Aniston’s character, known for her sporty wit, and snappy comebacks made her an international star. And that is where the problem begins and ends. With the retirement of those irritatingly perky New Yorkers into syndication TV-Land, came Jennifer’s attempt to be seen as a serious actress. This burning desire was even further fueled by her much publicized relationship with, and subsequent divorce from-Brad Pitt. On the heels of that great breakup, we watched Jennifer dive into femme fatale mode with the tepid film “Derailed.” Unlike her cinematic (and personal) rival, the ever-alluring Angelina Jolie, it was clear that Jen didn’t have the necessary spark to get temperatures rising on, or off screen. Following that was a mini-string of flops including “Rumor Has It” and “The Break Up” (with now current beau, Vince Vaughn). And in between all these movie misfires, the media has shamelessly plugged the “Woe is Me” and “I Am Strong” campaign on virtually every talk show and magazine interview in America. For someone who just wants the media to leave her alone, she sure did have a lot of things to say to people who were supposedly invading her private life. Still, there are as many people buying her “scorned woman” act, as there are actually buying tickets to her films.

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