Hypocrisy on Loan from God

So, I hear the fat blowhard known as Rush Limbaugh had to turn himself in to police yesterday on charges of shopping around for doctors to prescribe medications for him. It is a sad thing, but this truly warms the cold-hearted cockles of my heart. I know, I know, another person’s suffering should never be the delight of another, but come ON, you have to admit it’s nice to see bad things happen to some people. Rush Limbaugh is one of those people. The only thing that would have made the entire incident even better would have been if Anne Coulter had been performing a certain oral act upon him as he was driving around.

I guess I am amazed that anyone could still believe or belove this particular fascistic, racist, blowhard, sychophantic hypocrite. He is all bluster and absolutes and how the world is black and white and should only be seen through Republican glasses. Yet there is he bowing and scraping before doctors to get presciption pain killers. In short, Rush Limbaugh is a hypocritical, suit-wearing, wealthy junkie. How anyone could believe another stinking word that comes out of his mouth is beyond me, but I am sure there are people, again people unwilling to think for themselves, who are willing to buy whatever he is selling. The fact is he sells a LOT of crap.

Rush, just a word from someone who knows a few things, ok? Your ties suck. Your show sucks. You suck. Your website sucks. Your newsletter sucks and the crap you sell is just that – crap. Over-priced crap you sell your lemmings and they snap up like M & Ms (do lemmings eat M & Ms? Not sure).

That’s the problem when you come down squarely and firmly on one side or the other. By going on his show and talking about how drugs are evil and the people who take them are evil and should be drawn and quartered, he opens himself up to being called a hypocrite when it turns out he’s a junkie. Most of the people who spew the hatred, elitism and racism on the convervative end of things are probably hypocrites. Some guy in the White House just got busted for trying to have sex with a cop posing as a 14-year-old girl. Yeah, some high moral Republican values you have there.

I don’t let the other side slide entirely either. As you may have guessed, I have more liberal leanings than conservative ones, however. Still, although I enjoyed Michael Moore’s movies I can’t truly believe that every sinle person who works for a large corporation is evil. I happen to think there are times and places for big business and that there are probably quite a few big businesses and businessmen who are giving back to their community. You only ever hear about the bad ones.

Still, I will not buy the fact that people who openly discourse and want to encourage open discourse about things in the world are traitors. I understand El Rushbo there recently stated that the Democratic agenda was treason. Anne Coulter has said the same things. It’s so sad about Anne too because she looks like a fine piece of ass, if you could maybe just tape her mouth shut or lobotomize her or something. Just kidding folks, but really, she preaches such hate without any real thought behind it that it provokes me into thinking such horrible things about her in turn.

I also have a hard time believing that because gay people want to experience the pain of marrige like the rest of us that this will somehow doom society. If people are in love, I say, all the power to them and I hope they can find a place where they can be happy forever and ever, amen. The fact that there really is no fairy tale love like we all seem to believe is a column and topic for another day. Still, again, I believe we should just leave everyone alone. If legalizing gay marriage makes it easier for them to do things like make medical decisions and write a will or whatever the hell it does, then I say great. It doesn’t mean my feelings towards somone mean anything less. It doesn’t mean my parents are going to divorce.

Here’s the thing: if your marriage is likely to collapse because Tom and Steve across the way are legally married then you have bigger issues in your mariage to deal with. Leave Tom and Steve alone.

I would like to think that most people listen to Rush Limbaugh just for mocking purposes. You know, like he puts on some kind of three or four hour sitcom. It seems so obvious that most of what he says and does is just crap and even he isn’t buying into it anymore. Can anyone really be that far left or that far right? Does no one see that the middle ground is where things need to be? If everyone just stands on the far side of the room from each other then no one really talks or reaches any decisions about things. If all anyone does is say the other side is wrong, no matter what they do, and then make speeches about how great they are and how wrong the other side is then there’s no room for compromise. If that happens then nothing gets done. That’s when everything goes to hell.

It’s kind of like those dances you went to maybe in Junior High. Back when the concept of getting close to a girl or boy was still a relatively new concept. Just a year or two back you were still convinced cooties might be a real thing and wondered if there was a shot you could take for it. So, you go to those dances and all of the girls stand along one wall and the boys stand along the other. It’s like some kind of police line-up convention. Now, just transpose that image to our government and you get the picture.

Anyway, I wish Rush all the best. He has more half-assed things to sell his people. Hey, Rush, one more thing, if you really want to do something for the troops try giving away your subscription packages. See, that way it’s really charity and not a way for you to profit from the war. I’d hate to see your list of crimes go from fraud, hypocrite and drug addict to fraud, hypocrite, drug addict and war profiteer.

“Mega-dittoes” my white flabby butt.

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